Arun Shourie slams PM Modi, says leader should be psychologically secure, just like Nehru


Former BJP minister and a veteran journalist, Arun Shourie, on Saturday slammed Narendra Modi for calling him psychologically insecure leader, who promoted sycophancy and loved to work with weak people around him.

Speaking at an event organised by Rajasthan Patrika in Jaipur, Shourie said that while it had become fashionable to denounce Nehru, he was a ‘psychologically secure’ leader who worked with strong personalities in the cabinet.

Without mentioning Modi, he said, “A leader must be a psychologically secure man. If he feels threatened by excellence or expertise, then he will never be able to get a good team.”

Shourie also criticised the just-retired Delhi police commissioner for allegedly compromising the dignity of the post by working as a government representative.

He asked, “”Students were arrested on the basis of a doctored video. Is he a police commissioner or a government representative?”

He also expressed his fears on civil rights being threatened by the current Modi government adding that he feared ‘in few years government will try and withdraw all instruments of citizens’ rights including the RTI.’

Shourie said that the elections in future may be fought by polarising the communities along the religious lines.

He asked people to make note of Modi government’s key policy announcements.

“Warna Amit Shah (BJP President) keh denge won to jumla tha,” he said.

He also took a dig at Modi government by asking how many of his cabinet colleagues had read a book in the last 10 years.

He asked, “How many in the government, and am not just talking about the Narendra Modi government, have read a book in the past 10 years?”

He also warned media about its duty saying that its role was not to entertain adding that the constant shouting in the studio was now prompting viewers to switch off their TV sets.

He said that not criticising the government when it did wrong was tantamount to letting down the country.



  1. Nehruji’s cabinet had full of selfless stalwarts fought for the freedom of the nation,whose sole aim was to construct the Nation from the Scratch. Modern day ploiticians have no such qualities.

      • truth never survives in the hands of communists . they will kill opponents for their survival. this has been witnessed many times they want dictator ship either they show russia r china. but our practice egaltarinism is still in nascent stage

  2. Without mentioning Modi, he said, “A leader must be a psychologically secure man. If he feels threatened by excellence or expertise, then he will never be able to get a good team.”

    So how did you guess he was talking about modi? Press ti tiute…

    • The author too didn’t say Shourie was talking about Feku Modi, you RSS/BJP Chaadi. Now you call the media presstitute, but when they exposed the UPA scams they were called strong and independent.

    • I can’t help noticing that the most foul-mouthed commentators, the ones who display the basest instincts, are newbie BjP fellows who have been unleashed by Modi and Co. Calling Shourie that foul name …! This is the worst bunch of people India has ever seen – no amount of hugging by your PM of foreign leaders can hide your stinking minds to the world. Shame!

  3. Good that Arun Shourie has at last spoken up, even without naming Modi. But this is important, coming from a BJP stalwart-cum-ideologue. Wonder what the rest of nationalist intellectual club in the BJP thinks? Or are they finding it too difficult to articulate their agony or gloating in vicarious ecstasy over what they themselves would have liked to do?

  4. 1.I wish Mr.Shourie has specifically criticised Budget as he is supposed to be an economist and a well read person.The speech as reported is one of a casual speaker.Eg: The police commissioner is the representative of the Govt and Govt enforce law and order through police.It was always.The Governor of Kerala executed the order of Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru govt and dismissed the Communist Govt of Kerala without question. Mr.Nehru did not allow Netaji Subhas Chanda Bose to come open as he was “insecure”.
    2.We love to listen to Mr.Shourie on matters of substance and not a street talk.

  5. Agreed shourie sahib but so long u were minster nd holding important position in BJP u never commented like this is everything was fine at that time

  6. Shourie is a classic case of Alzheimer’s, dementia,psychotic neurotic all rolled in syndrome case. He has to go to a sanatorium and rest.He is disillusioned and wants media attention. Let him talk about ambedkar and get it.

  7. I have great regard for Arun ji… but unfortunately he couldn’t have come in as Modiji wanted his own team and Shourie ji was not going to make the grade being part of the old brigade.

    I agree Ministers could do better but they’re still way better than UPA ministers.

    Modiji is of course a superstar. Ministers like Parrikar, Prabhu, Goyal, Gadkari are doing amazing work. RS Prasad, Swaraj, Sitaraman and Jaitley are doing ok whereas Rajnath and Irani have had a few slips. Not bad overall but yes it would’ve been great if all of them were superstars.

    Criticism is good but we should also remind ourselves that the goal is improving this government and not seek a switch to the Pappu party.

  8. आदमी उसके कर्म से ही सुरक्षित होता है और उसके कर्मों से ही असुरक्षित महसूस करता है।

  9. What is Shourie blabbering? Jabberlal Neckscrew and his ilk have ensured that everybody who operates Indian Governance have less integrity and competence than themselves. They devoted themselves to plundering the country and the opportunities for the exclusive benefit of their chosen emerging neo aristocracy beginning with the grotesque constitution and social engineering laws required to create a State in the image of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. The first thing they did was to use the power of the Union from the platform of the inferiority complex of Jabberlal and his “team” to humiliate and plunder the Princes and, in 1959, confiscated the religious freedom, temples, treasure, grazing and agricultural lands, educational institutions, irrigation tanks and so on of the “People of Dharma” who had already been reduced to a minority in the British created fiction of “Hinduism” during the period 1857-1923.

  10. Mr Shourie should also enlighten us lesser mortals about Pt Nehru and his team and their achievements.Nehru was “psychologically so secure” that he lost two wars in his life time – in 1948 this “secure” PM rushed to UN to secure ceasefire with Pakistan.In 1962 he and his Kashimiri cohorts were responsible for Chinese debacle.Nehru foisted Indira Gandhi on the nation, who in turn foisted emergency in 1975.Mr Shourie’s growing age is making him forget so many of Nehru’s faults.


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