Arnab Goswami’s homily on journalism, ‘You’ve to shout to be heard’


Former editor-in-chief of Times Now, Arnab Goswami, has finally spoken on the ‘secrets’ of his talk show being often mocked as a noise hour. Speaking to an event organised by Dainik Bhaskar, Goswami said that ‘In this country, you’ve to shout to be heard.’

shout to be heard

Recounting several instances from his journalistic career, he said that he was pushed against the wall and harassed by the ‘political stooges of the then CPI-M bosses’ during his interview with the then West Bengal Chief minister, Jyoti Basu.

The controversial journalist said that he was so upset with the treatment that he demanded an apology from Prakash Karat threatening a hunger strike until his wish was granted.

Describing another incident, Goswami alleged that his former employer NDTV had once forced him to apologise to the former law minister, Ramakant Khalap, who, according to him was upset because of tough questions.

Calling Khalap a “pompous politician,” Goswami said, “I was a private TV reporter but I was told to go back and apologise to the law minister.”

Goswami has often come for criticism and public ridicule for taking the TV journalism in India to new low. He was recently ‘sacked’ by Times Now recently after he publicly slammed his boss, Vineet Jain, on the controversy surrounding Pakistani artists working in India.


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