Did Arnab Goswami just promote Times Now show on his new channel Republic?


Friday was an incredibly bad day for Arnab Goswami, who has recently launched a new TV channel with the funding from the NDA MP, Rajeev Chandrasekhar and known BJP supporter, Mohandas Pai.

arnab goswami promote times now

Goswami had lost cool and resorted to using unparliamentary words for the Congress MP, Brijesh Kalappa, who he called a ‘worm’ and the ‘lapdog of the Gandhi family.’

It was after Kalappa called one of his colleagues a ‘BJP journalist.’

Goswami’s action earned him widespread condemnation on social media even as Kalappa said that he would file a criminal case against him.


  1. Why cannot people forgive and forget such a bad journalist who looses his temper always on his show. This happens specially when things go against his agenda. People should refuse to be on his shows.


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