Army veterans’ hunger strikes on OROP enter 19th day

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Hunger strikes by ex-servicemen entered 19th day at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar on Tuesday.

Halvaldar Major Singh, who has been on hunger strike demanding the implementation of One Rank One Pension for 19 days, has already refused to go to the hospital saying he would continue his protest until the ambulance come to take him.

His colleague, Hawaldar Ashok Kumar Chauhan who too was on fast-unto-death over OROP issue was taken to the hospital after his health deteriorated last week.

Meanwhile, The finance minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet, Arun Jaitley on Monday rejected the demands of ex-servicemen on annual pension review within the OROP.

Congress party on Tuesday launched yet another attack on the central government for ‘letting down the army veterans.’

Congress spokesperson, Manish Tiwari, said, ” This government isn’t sincere to the ex-servicemen. They don’t care about them. This government is apathetic and totally shameless.”

On Monday, the finance minister in Modi government, Arun Jailtley had caused fresh controversy by refusing to the annual pension review within the scope of OROP.

He had said, “I have my own formula on what OROP means. Somebody else may have their own formula on OROP but it has to be within the reasonable and rational criteria. You can’t have an OROP where pensions are revised every month or every year.”

Ex-servicemen in their past have returned all of their achievements and medals as mark of protest against the delay in the implementation of OROP. They had also refused to celebrate the 5oth anniversary of 1965 war.


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