Army takes control of Munak canal, key water supply source to Delhi


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday reiterated that the national capital had ‘completely run out’ of water.

He tweeted, ‘We’ve completely run out of water. I appeal to the centre with folded hands to immediately intervene and get Munak canal started in Haryana.”

Kejriwal’s desperate appeal came a day after he announced the water rationing for Delhi households.

The Jat protesters, demonstrating over their demands for OBC quota in neighbouring Haryana, have damaged equipment in the Munak canal, a major source of water to Delhi.

However, in his latest tweets, Kejriwal said that army had taken control of the canal but he wasn’t sure about the time they may take to resume water supply from there.

In the absence of no water supply on Monday, the government is left with no option but to rely on 700 water tanks, which will go to different areas of Delhi to supply water, but this is unlikely to cater to people’s needs.

Delhi’s water minister, Kapil Mishra, told, “700 tankers went around Delhi even during normal days, so I’m afraid this is not going to provide any respite to the water emergency situation of Delhi. We’ve appealed to the Centre to intervene. There will be catastrophic situation if water supply is not restored immediately.”

According to reports, there will be absolutely no water left in the capital if the supply from Munak canal didn’t resume immediately.

On Monday, Kejriwal had announced water rationing plan adding that except key defence installations, fire services, President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice, everyone else including the Delhi CM will have to share water equally.



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