Army Major Nikhil Rai Handa wanted to marry officer’s wife, killed her when she refused


In a startling revelation, the Delhi Police have said that the Indian Army Major, arrested on Sunday for killer another Major’s wife, had committed the crime after the deceased refused to reciprocate his desire to marry her.

Army Major,

Major Nikhil Rai Handa revealed during interrogation that he knew the victim Shailza Dwivedi, wife of another Army Major Amit Dwivedi since 2015 and in 2017, he and the victim’s husband were posted together in Dimapur in Nagaland, reported news agency IANS.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijay Kumar told reporters in Delhi, “While Amit was there with his family, Handa, who has a wife and two children, lived alone.

According to police, Shailza came to Delhi two months ago and started living in the Army quarters near the Cantonment with her husband who was assigned to leave for a deputation to Sudan for a United Nation’s mission in a couple of weeks.

Handa, said the police, too arrived in Delhi on 2 June. Handa too started undergoing migraine treatment at the Army’s base hospital, when he came to know that Shailza was regularly visiting the same hospital for physiotherapy sessions to gain proximity with the victim. Handa also got his child admitted in the same hospital.

Shailza, who hailed from Amritsar, had been coming to the hospital for the last four days for treatment of her ankle. On Saturday, the day she was killed, she had gone to the base hospital for her physiotherapy session but was picked up by Handa in his Honda city car even before she could enter the hospital.

The police officer said, “Though they shared a strong friendship, Shailza was not in a situation to get married to Handa. They had an altercation in the car over the issue after which he killed her.”

Both Handa and Shailza were in touch even after the latter moved back to Delhi after her husband’s transfer. A report by NDTV said that they talked continuously on phone, though he was the one who called her more often. Major Dwivedi once caught them during a video call.

“He confronted his wife and Nikhil and warned him to not come close to his wife and his house,” said DCP Kumar.

On the fateful day, once inside Handa’s car, Shailza was once again asked to marry him. The accused slit her throat when she refused to reciprocate his desire.  Handa allegedly pushed Shailza out of his car and ran over her as she cried for help in pain.

The official added, “it seems that Handa slit Shailza’s throat suddenly as there was no resistance mark in the car but her clothes were torn which means that she made failed attempts to save herself when she was run over. Handa’s car has enough evidence against him. There are blood stains on the tyres. There were multiple knives in the car including a Swiss knife which was used in the murder.”

Handa had reportedly returned to see the body of Shailza few hours later but returned back after he saw the presence of heavy police there. He then to visit the hospital, where his son was admitted.

Soon after Shailza was found murdered, the police had said that they had a definite clue on who her killer was. On Sunday, DCP Kumar said that this was because they had spotted his car at the hospital in the CCTV footage after he had committed the crime. “He did not stay for long as he spotted Dwivedi with policemen, and decided to go to Meerut,” he said.


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