AR Rahman’s new version of Urvasi has Trump and note ban


We all know that AR Rahman is the best music director of our time in India. The Mozart of Madras has clearly transformed the Indian music scene. His popularity has rightly transcended continents with even Oscar recognising his musical talent.


The double Academy Award winner has now come up with a new version of his famous Urvasi track and the song has suddenly become a new sensation on internet.

What’s unique about this track is that it’s been recorded with just acoustic instruments while the lyrics have been sourced from social media users.

Rahman, who has recorded the new version for MTV Unplugged, has cleverly used some of the controversial developments in the field of current affairs both in India and abroad.

For example, a line in the track makes a reference to Donald Trump’s election in the US Presidential polls and the note ban announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On both these developments, Rahman’s lyrics seek to urge people to ‘Take It Easy.’

The song is recorded in Tamil but you really don’t need to understand the language to enjoy what could be the biggest anthem of 2017.

Here are couple of lines in reference to note ban and Trump’s election.

“Donald Trump president aana, take it easy policy” (If Donald Trump becomes president, take it easy policy).

“Ainooru ruba sellama pona, take it easy policy” (If the Rs. 500 note becomes useless, take it easy policy).


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