Chilling similarity of Anupam Kher’s tweet with Hitler’s metaphors is no accident


Rifat Jawaid

Controversial Bollywood actor and perceived RSS sympathiser, Anupam Kher, on Saturday stirred a fresh controversy by likening the ideological opponents of the saffron party to that of vermin and insects.

He made this observation through a tweet in Hindi, understandably in reference to the ongoing raging controversy over Jawaharlal University and the subsequent politics attached to it.

Not unfamiliar to controversy and known for making comments that often defy sanity, Kher tweeted, “Gharon mein pest control hota hai to cockroach, keede makode ityadi bahar nikalte hain. ghar saaf hota hai. waise hi aajkal desh ka pest control chal raha hai.( When you use pest control in your house, you see cockroach, insects and vermin popping out of their hiding. This cleanses the house. Likewise, the pest control of the entire country is being carried out at the moment.)”

Kher’s comments are bound to be deemed as a chilling threat to those who oppose the ideologies of the RSS and its affiliate groups, supported by him.

These are exactly the kind of terminologies Hitler used as metaphors in Mein Kampf under The Great Chain of Being.

Hitler referred to Jews as insects, vermin and bacteria to make a point that they were lesser human beings.

Jews in particular were portrayed as lower-level beings: insects, parasites, Ungeziefer, a general term for vermin and bacteria.

Many may not know that Zyklon gas used in the gas chambers by Hitler was supplied to the camps by a firm DEGESCH, an acronym for Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schädlingsbekämpfung (German Company for Pest Control).

This kind of explains the context of Kher’s tweet, which appears to be indicative of a very dangerous sign of things to come.

It’s evident that the JNU crisis and the public humiliation as a result of spectacular backfiring of the RSS’ nefarious design to spread lies has left the proponents of the right-wing politics utterly exposed.

Kher’s living idol, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has often been compared with Hitler for his autocratic style of functioning, showing no remorse on the ethnic cleansing in Gujarat in 2002 and ‘tacitly’ approving the violence against religious minorities.

On Gujarat, his only public reaction till date has been his analogy of kutte ka bachcha (puppy) while referring to the deaths of Muslims in Gujarat riots.

On Dadri, even when he finally broke his silence, after several weeks of international outrage and repeated chiding, albeit indirectly, by President Pranab Mukherjee, Modi avoided making any reference to the lynching of Muhammad Akhlaq.

As expected, Kher’s comments have evoked angry criticism from social media users with many even ridiculing him. But, it seems, the controversial actor, who was recently awarded Padma Bhushan, has spelled out the plan of his political masters.

Given his proximity to Modi and constant defence of his hardcore Hindutva ideas, it’s unlikely that Kher may have made these comments innocuously.

To me this has only come as a public acknowledgement of a dangerous plan, that many across the country only suspected up until now.

This single tweet by Kher also adds perspective to almost every despicable acts committed under Modi’s regime so far.

Dadri, Rohit Vemula’s suicide, burning of Haryana’s dalit children and subsequent justification by Modi’s minister Gen VK Singh and more recently violence committed by BJP supporters outside Patiala House Court are just some examples.


  1. Let’s not forget that Seculars, including Kejriwal, have used far worse dehumanzing adjectives for Modi. Google “A list of how Congress leaders define Narendra Modi” for some examples. Includes “Scorpion”, “Snake”, “Rabid” etc etc

    • The dfference is that no seculars claimed that an entire group of people are insects to be exterminated. hindutvadis are the ones who believe muslims, seculars and dalits are all insects to be wiped out. example anupam kher but there are so many more. savarkar and golwalkar believed as much in the same thing they praised hitler for the holcaust.

      • Did kher at any point in his message hinted any religious bias. He said who ever is anti national are like cockroach hiding in your home and they should be controlled

      • No the secularism have been actually have indulged in following: 1. kill those who dare to express their identity as mullah Mulayam did, as they have been in Kerala .
        2. Secularist heroed presided over vivisectio ovet the whole, gave away large territory by acceding to religiou demand and still showed how secular they are by keep larger numbet here.
        3. Turn blind eye to genocide to Kashmiris, actively helped takeover of Assam affecting demographic balance.
        4. Turn blind to ethnic cleansing, gross human right abuse of HIndus in Pakistan all in the name of Nehruvian secularism.
        5. In fact this unique Chachaji Nehruvian secularism is even more absurd as Muslims Wakefield board acts as a state like state and keeps claiming ever more properties.

    • Mr. Modi used word like 50 crore ki GF for somebody’s wife and calling Naxal to then Kejriwal. Making fun of then PM manmohan singh , back then communal people like you had you lips sewed!

      • above/ not a communist. Because both modi as well as manmohan singh just represent a political party in power.People have a right to not like them or like them or ridicule them,and they have a right to respond ethically under the law (modi does that in his speeches,manmohan never did ) .Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested and treated so badly because he said RSS were british stooges and once hurt their own country men.He was arrested falsely for sedition because rss does not want to lose face infront of it’s followers though this fact is true.As far as those chanting pro terrorism slogans in JNU should be arrested.

        • I have real sympathy for the voters who voted this government to power. They voted for removing of corruption in the government and for economic development. What have they got so far.
          1. Beef Ban
          2. Statue of Sardar Patel
          3. International Tours of Mr Modi
          4. Pakistan Diplomacy
          5. Bullet Train for the Rich
          6. Brilliant Speech of Smriti Irani
          7. Action against the JNU Anti National Students.
          The above achievements may make some of them very proud, but they should not ignore that there is a cost to these achievements both in terms of money wasted and injustice to some Indians.
          In the long run, the country will suffer from the poor economic performance of the country which the government is doing best to hide.
          1. Fall in Rupee value to 70 Rs per Dollar
          2. Fall in the Sensex
          3. Fall in Manufacturing levels
          4. Failure to return of black money
          The supporters of this government have learnt to hate Khangress, and Khujli and Intolerant Indians but the in the process they are closing their eyes and being fooled. Who are gaining? The people who are close to this government, the businessmen and the politicians and the RSS. The Jats of Haryana and the Patels of Gujarat have realized that they were fooled. The rest of India will realize but it will be too late

          • Perfectly said…and to the last point..what is the govt doing about the possibility of black money return….Demonetization again….to Kher’s Point i guess he is one of those folks who dont mind burning up his house for killing cockroaches and termites….he has money to build one more. But what about the common man????

  2. We have seen him playing villain and uttering such dialogues on screen e.g. Dr. Dang, but he will play villain on social media was surprising.

    • maddaarchod it is co-incident that alll the katuye posting against MODIJI? hahaahh sab ki maa chudd gai hai… ab dekhlo next 20 years tak…. sidhe ho jaao nahi to jaao apne nazayaj baap Pakistan ke paass….

  3. When you live in a democracy you have the power to speak your mind but also must accept the very basis of that freedom–the Constitution. Free speech does not include what was video recorded at JNU which is punishable by upto life in prison. It doesn’t matter who uttered those words, only that they were being recited by people in the presence of tbeir leader. That leader, along with other accused, will now be given the opportunity to plead their case in court. If they are innocent, they will be set free. If that is not a satisfactory outcome, they should examine what their chances would be in other countries like China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, France, USA, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa etc. They will find that they are extremely fortunate to be Indians. Finally, they have the right to denigrate the polled majority in India but they must be prepared to face their anger in return and pray that the majority respects the same laws that they reject.

  4. This JAVED RIFAT is nothing but a ASS LICKER of KEJRIWAL… this bhadwaa never print or write anything about AAP that shows that he is trying to paint MODIJI and his supporters bad but everybody knows that RIFAT is a HALF LUND (DICK) who can never be trusted.


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