Allopathy doctors asking patients not to opt for ayurveda are anti-national for this union minister


Forget beef politics, intolerance debate and Bharat Mata Ki Jai controversy! Now a powerful minister in Narendra Modi’s cabinet has added one more criteria for people to earn a free trip to Pakistan.


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AYUSH minister Shripad Yesso Naik on Saturday said that doctors prescribing allopathy medicines, who advised patients against ayurvedic medicines were “anti-nationals.”

While inaugurating an ayurveda research centre in Kolhapur, Naik said, “Some ayurveda practitioners have told me that doctors prescribing allopathy medicines often advise patients not to opt for ayurveda. Such doctors are anti-nationals.”

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According to Times of India, Naik also asked Indians to be proud of ayurveda.

He said, “Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems in the world and we should be proud of it. How can anyone oppose ayurveda when the whole world is showing interest in it and trying to find remedies of diseases that modern medical science cannot?

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“Kolhapur is home to many plant species with medicinal properties. Our ministry will explore the potential of these plants. There is a need for research on the flora in this region.”

On the syllabus and teaching methods of ayurveda, the minister said, “We will ensure that the medium of education for ayurveda students is Sanskrit. All literature related to ayurveda are in Sanskrit.”

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Naik said that the ministry of yoga and traditional medicine will sign a memorandum of understanding with the World Health Organisation in June to make ayurveda popular across the world.


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