Anti-BJP grand alliance to sweep Bihar elections, 55% prefer Nitish as CM: IndiaTV poll survey


Anti-BJP grand alliance is likely to sweep next month’s Bihar polls if the India TV-CVoter poll survey holds true.

The grand alliance, which has RJD, Janata Dal(U) and Congress in Bihar is projected to win within a range of 116-132 out of total of 243 assembly seats.

Accordingly to the opinion poll, BJP-led combine, comprising BJP, LJP, RLSP and HAM, is expected to win within a range of 94-110 seats.

‘Others’ have been projected to win 13-21 seats, says the poll.

C-Voter said, the projections are based on a methodology based on random stratified sample of 10,638 interviews covering all 243 segments in Bihar during the last week of August and the first week of September adding that they factored a margin of three percent error in the projected results.

In the 2010 Bihar assembly polls, the then BJP-JD(U) alliance had won 206 seats, while Lalu Prasad’s RJD-led alliance with Paswan had emerged victorious only on 25 seats. However, during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the NDA comprising BJP, Ramvilas Paswan’s LJP and Upendra Kushwaha’s RLSP had piggybacked on Modi wave to win in 174 assembly segments, while the Lalu-Nitish combine could win only in 51 assembly segments.

An overwhelming 53 percent respondents also described the incumbent Nitish Kumar as their choice for the most preferred chief minister while only 18 percent preferred BJP leader Sushil Modi and 5 ercent each said they would have liked Lalu Prasad Yadav and Shatrughan Sinha for the CM’s post.



  1. Whatever your survey says but Bihar is going to vote for NaMo in a massive way. The results will come in a way NA BHOOTO NA BHAVISHYATI. Your survey has not touched the under current in Bihar. Just wait till 8th November, 2015 morning !

    • Very true, whatever the Rajat
      Sharma (who is paid journalist of BJP) predict it will wrong. It will be NA
      BHOOTO NA BHAVISHYATI. Just – 30 % seats from NDA = Verdict of people.

  2. it is already a win for BJP, as not even a single party has the courage to come up with a one to one fight against BJP. All the parties together against BJP, are you serious..
    By this BJP earns the title of ONE MAN ARMY in bihar, with some very non existent allies.I wonder why Congress is a Central party when it has to TAKE help from local parties of a state to win elections. It might be tough for BJP to come out victorious in this election, but the difference is not going to be a very huge one..

  3. By the way where is statistics of so called India TV-CVoter polls. I looked entire article, from top to down.You should have published those numbers if they really exists. Poor journalism.


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