Another shocker from BJP leader, gangrapes of Delhi children ‘small incidents’


Reports of gangrapes of 5 year old and 2 year old children in Delhi on Saturday may have caused huge outrage and disgust to most of us, but not the BJP leader Shyam Jaju.

For Jaju, any attempts to highlight the instances of brutalities against women and children in Delhi was tantamount to playing politics.

While speaking to news agency ANI, the BJP leader made this hugely controversial comment. He said, ” It’s become fashion for Kejriwal to play politics on any small incidents of Delhi.”

Just to put everything in context, Delhiites woke up to this horrific news of twin rapes on Saturday morning. Both DCW chief Swati Maliwal and the Delhi CM were quick to express their outrage against this shameful crime against two children including one toddler.

Delhi police reports to the BJP government at the Centre through the Lieutenant Governor’s office. Therefore, the BJP leaders appear in no mood to accept any outrage on the crime happening in Delhi. Because this may be deemed as a poor reflection of their appalling performance on providing safety particularly to women and girl child.

Bihar elections are on and the party, already nervous about reports of losing this crucial battle, doesn’t want any negative publicity on its performance, which may further ruin its poll prospects.

The safety of women in BJP ruled states has come under sharp scrutiny in recent years. In a recently published data by National Crime Records Bureau, Madhya Pradesh came on top with most number of rapes while another BJP ruled state Rajasthan was close second.


As for Delhi, where the police is under the control of Narendra Modi government, it registered the most number of rapes. Total number of rapes reported here was 2096 while the number of sexual offences committed under the IPS was 7849 in 2014.

Delhi Police’s questionable record

Delhi Police’s claims to be taking steps to check crime against women was challenged by Delhi Commission for Women recently. The women’s commission’s chief Swati Maliwal wrote to the police chief BS Bassi asking for detailed record of crimes against women in Delhi and how his forces’ had dealt with the culprits.

She was informed through a letter that 7,124 FIRs had been filed but only one culprit was punished, ‘as per Delhi Police’s own admission.’

This admission was made by Delhi Police in a reply to Maliwal, chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women, who had sought the record from Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi.

Although the Delhi Police said they could not provide the record in the tabulated manner as sought by the Delhi Commission for Women, Deepak Mishra, special police commissioner (Law and Order), furnished the record since 2012.

gang rape

Many say that Delhi police has fallen vcitim to the centre’s politics against the elected government in the capital. Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has time and again alleged that, police in Delhi is often being seen as paying more attention on the alleged wrongdoings of members of Aaam Aadmi Party than ensuring law and order for common citizen.

BJP’s foot in mouth syndrome

Jaju is not the first BJP leader, who has come across extremely insensitive to the crimes against humanity. Not so long ago, a relatively more celebrated leader of the party and now the union finance minister, Arun Jaitley, had reportedly called Nirbhaya’s gang rape a ‘small incident.’ He had made these comments while talking about the impact of negative media coverage of such incidents on country’s tourism.

BJP MP and the former Mumbai police chief, Satyapal Singh had recently described the murder of a Muslim man in Dadri over the rumours that he ate beef, ‘small incident.’

Many accuse BJP of playing politics of double-standards. While it’s always nimble-footed on launching attacks on governments where it’s not in power, the party either remains silent or makes utterly insensitive remarks where it’s own performance is under question.

Its detractors have highlighted this aspect even in the past while criticising the saffron brigade on the rampant deaths in Vyapam scam and Jhabua blasts in Madhya Pradesh, where more than 100 people were killed


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