Another setback to Subramanian Swamy as Supreme Court rejects petition questioning Rahul Gandhi’s Indian citizenship


In another setback to BJP MP Subramanian Swamy, the Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a plea that urged the top court to direct the central government and the Election Commission to disqualify Congress President Rahul Gandhi from contesting the Lok Sabha elections till the issue of his citizenship is decided.

The latest development comes just days after the returning officer of Amethi declared the nomination papers of Congress President Rahul Gandhi valid.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court Bench headed by Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi dismissed the petition that claimed that Rahul Gandhi had stated his citizenship as British while incorporating a company in the United Kingdom in the past. The petition was filed by two individuals, Jai Bhagwan Goyal and Chander Prakash Tyagi.

The bench, according to news agency PTI, bluntly told the petitioners.”If some company in some form mentions his nationality as British, does he become a British citizen.”

Soon after the complaint was filed before the returning officer in Amethi, Subramanian Swamy had taken to Twitter to express his excitement. Swamy’s tweet had read, “Buddhu has lost Amethi both ways: If disqualified on Monday then goodbye. If not then in the campaign he will be forced to answer questions galore about the truth of his citizenship and education for voters to defeat him.”

Swamy, who’s known to be a fierce critic of the Nehru-Gandhi family, had first questioned the citizenship status of the Congress president in 2015 in a complaint to the ethics committee of parliament. Since, then, he’s repeated his allegations on multiple occasions but has struggled to produce any evidence in support of his claims.


  1. Now who is buddoo? Stop this stupidity and do some work atleast as promised by your government which they have already failed and will soon see the reality face to face on 23rd. You are the biggest BUDOO person I have ever seen. Looking busy doing nothing. Lol

  2. Commonsense says that contesting Rahul’s citizenship based on some technicalities is a waste of time. Although western and USA laws may give citizenship based on birth ‘place, in our tradition, a human has always been known by who his / her parents are / were. End of story.

    But Swamy’s intentions are correct. Rahul’s claims to contest for PM’s post is based on Rahul’s perception that it is his birthright. There is nothing else.

    The Simple Truth (Story of India) is politicians in Congress looted and amassed great wealth over several decades (recall late CM T Prakasam’s s infamous response to Nehru when he was queried about amassing wealth). By turning a blind eye to Prakasam, Nehru legitimized it.

    It is generally accepted that in 2014 elections, Congress for all practical purposes withdrew from strongly contesting. Media had reported a series of scams during Manmohan Singh’s government that even the staunchest congressman bowed his head. In 2014, Modi’s win massive was a reflection of this.

    In 2019, Modii retains support due to his clean image. Another great man with such an image was Vajpayeeji. All he has to do is keep retaining this image. It is for this reason that each time Rahul shouts ‘Rafale Deal’ or ‘chowkidar Chor Hai’; he is unrelieved because Chor chillaa raha hai.

    The common man does not love Modi or dislike Rahul; we are all Indians. But we cannot forget what Congress did to this Country although Rahul’s young hands may be clean.

    It is for this lack of knowledge; for loosing touch with the middle class that Swamy referred to Rahul in rude terms; it is for this reason we call him lovingly as Pappu. If Modi remains healthy, the election results of 2024 is also predictable.


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