Anna Hazare writes to PM, says he’s ‘mulling’ launching agitation on Lokpal


Social activist Anna Hazare today wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing the BJP-led government of being apathetic to the issue of appointing Lokpal and warning him of launching an agitation over it.

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“After your government came to power, one began to believe that the demand for Lokpal will be fulfilled. That, however, hasn’t happened,” said Hazare expressing his dismay.

“Due to such a stance of yours, I am mulling launching another agitation,” Hazare said in his letter to the PM.

“My fast at Ramlila ground in Delhi in 2011 attracted nationwide response and the Lokpal bill was passed in the Parliament,” he said.

“When your government came to power, one began to believe that the demand for Lokpal will be fulfilled, However, that hasn’t happened,” he said.

“You have reneged on the promise made to the people,” he alleged.

“I was silent for three years but the time has come to relaunch the agitation against corruption. The non-implementation of the Lokpal Act is a great insult to the sentiment of the people,” Hazare said.

“I still receive numerous graft complaints from people across the country,” he said.

However, the fresh statement by Hazare, who’s long been accused of being an agent of the RSS, did not go down well with social media users many of whom wasted no time in mocking the anti-corruption crusader.

Here are some comments from Facebook:

Madhusoodanan C Nair Nair: You will not get 100 people for this. You have lost all credibility now ,after supporting new govt !!

Sandeep Giri: He started agitation in Maharashtra for lokpal bill n brought down congress govt. there now BJP ruled de state ever since….a gud experiment which worked n BJP again used him in national platform to get into power at centre n rest is history…he will go down without much importance as BJP has majority in centre n states as well…they will rule us for another 20+ yrs n thr is no stopping them…they used him twice n that’s de end of de tissue paper bz using more than twice is quite harmful for health n he will be flushed n drained down de gutter….where he fits perfectly to b there forever…

Deepak Kumar: Sah Abe Anna tu ab dono traf se gali khayegA….bhosdk kaha tha itne dino…
Bhosdk congress k time tujhe evm me ghotala lagta tha aur bjp k time ghotala ho hi nhi skta

Nitin K Venu: so this RSS Spy realized that others are watching him

Prafulla Kumar Nayak: All his friends r established.Modi rewarded them in some way or other.Annaji searching ways to get importance from Modi.

Jenny Khongsai: He seems to be a cheater, he is completely silent after BJP comes to power.

Madhu K Das: Fake human behind a true gandhian


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