An “Anti-National’s” response to “Aunty National”: Life’s tough and he too survived


Sanket Mishra

Dear Aunty National,

Life’s tough. Pollution, road accidents, diseases, stress etc. But look, I survived!

Am I a hero?

I was born and brought up in a middle class family, let’s make it a lil more accurate, a lower middle class Brahmin family. Competed against a lot more people than the number of people who struggle for an acting career, studied and got a government job without using reservations, scholarships or stipends.

Am I a hero?

I say something stupid. I am mocked by people around me. I am offended. I tell them about my struggles till now. They apologize. But I don’t accept the fact that I said something stupid.

Am I a hero?

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Am I a hero?

We all are biased narrators of our own stories. And that doesn’t make us a hero. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for you, there are many who believe these stories. Just like they did when they heard of a kid playing with the tail of a crocodile or a “chai bechne wala” becoming the God.

Now let’s have a look at what other columns have been checked which we keep forgetting with every new inauguration ribbon being cut or a statue being unveiled:

Losing to the stupidest politician (as declared by your own followers)- Check

An HRD Minister who thinks degrees are not that important- Check

Still that HRD Minister lies about her qualifications- Check.

Budget Allocation reduced by 55%- Check

An HRD Minister who supports unconstitutional Police action against a group of students inside a University Campus- Check

An HRD Minister who looks down upon IITs as students from there didn’t join Indian Army- Check

An HRD Minister’s uncalled interference in issues leading to resignation of Professors and Chairpersons at IITs- Check

An HRD Minister lying about 90% of things while addressing an issue of a student’s suicide in Parliament- Check

An HRD Minister advocating bans on students groups- Check

Bureaucrats resigning and seeking transfers from HRD Ministry for “files being thrown at them”- Check

An HRD Minister who thinks wasting a huge amount of money in hoisting Indian flag at all Universities will make students more cultured and patriotic- Check

An HRD Minister trying to make Sanskrit compulsory in IITs – Check

A narrow minded HRD Minister who finds “Dear” and “Aunty” as something offensive- Check

Khair, Respected Smriti Zubin Irani …

I am sorry that I started using two words which offend you the most and that’s why they were followed by the third one which wins you a lot of blind support and is music to your ears. National!


Yes,you guessed it right,
an Anti-National

The author has written this blog on his Facebook page in response to HRD Minister’s emotional Facebook post on Thursday.


  1. You R soooo right that I have no words to applaud U….only thing I can say is that U have managed to make me very very SAD….my heart goes out to our Uth today who get huge pains inflicted upon them by Politicos with Damaged Souls…Vultures looking for Pure Flesh…May U find strength to Live gracefully…

  2. Most of things you have written are completely biased and out of some frustration, not sure what may be reason. E.g., what she told in Parliament is based on evevidence and not lie as you have put.

  3. Why to weep always for……
    Try learning to say thanks who do work for society and country……..
    Always sad feeling always complaints why?
    What individual as individually work for him/society/country matter and so, for the entire world……..


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