If you voted for Naredra Modi falling for his promise of Achche Din, it’s time for Zara Muskura Do


If you were one of those who voted for Prime Minister Narendra Modi falling for his promise of Achche Din, it’s time for Zara Muskara Do on 26 May.


The government may have been accused of failure on several fronts including its perceived inability to fulfill many of its promises, it still wants to celebrate the two years in power through a day-long programmes on TV.

Amitabh Bachchan has been roped in to moderate a high-powered panel discussion, expected to be beamed live throughout India, via Doordarshan.

According to Indian Express, the Centre is likely to launch a day-long programme, Zara Muskura Do with ‘Do’ being used as pun to indicate two years of Modi rule.

The government has already shortlisted key success stories under the central government to be showcased on 26 May, when a special live programme will be broadcast from India Gate through the public broadcaster Doordarshan.

This is likely to be done through a high-impact panel discussion with Bachchan moderating the show.

The idea, according to the report, is being seen as a preemptive counter to the opposition’s plan, which may accuse the government of policy paralysis. The Congress party had brought out a report card ‘Ek Saal, Desh Badhaal’ (One year, country in distress) last year.

The government is believed to have outsourced the contract to manage the event to a company  called Martin Sorrell’s Geometry Global Encompass Network.


Actor Amitabh Bachchan’s choice for this occasion is not surprising.

The actor has often faced criticism for being too cosy with the government of the day with some even accusing him of being opportunist.

More recently, the actor was left red-faced over his name appearing in the list of Panama Papers leak even though he rubbished any suggestions of wrong-doing.

In one of his justifications, Bachchan told media to seek response from the central government on why his name had appeared in Panama Papers leak. This prompted many to ask if the central government was working as a PR agency for the Bollywood actor.




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