Was Amit Shah’s meal with Dalit family prepared by an upper caste cook?


Days after the BJP president, Amit Shah, announced sharing meals with a Dalit family in Uttar Pradesh, a new controversy has started amidst allegations that the meal was prepared by a cook from an Upper Caste.

Going by a report in Times of India, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has asked her party workers to trace the cook who had prepared the food for Shah.

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Shah’s decision to dine with Dailt family in Jogiyapur village in Varanasi two days ago had become hugely controversial after it emerged that lavish arrangement was made to ensure an VIP atmosphere for the much-publicised meal.

Special water-coolers were reportedly installed for the event while the organisers had purchased mineral water for Shah’s consumption.

Mayawati, according to report, is convinced that the cook was not a Dalit but someone from the upper caste.

Party zonal coordinator, Dr Ram Kumar Kureel expressed confidence assuring that they will soon find out who prepared food for Shah during his visit to the village.

Kureel said that while 250 people had accompanied Shah, only 50 had lunch which shows the casteist mindset of the saffron brass.

He said, “The rest did not eat with Dalits,” he said. Moreover, the place where lunch was served is dominated by membrs of Bind community which belongs to most backward class and not Dalits. “Shah brought a few Dalits along, sat with them and had lunch just to send out a political message.”

Mayawati had described Shah’s meal with Dalit family as drama.


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