Amit Shah suffers yet another embarrassment in election campaign, video goes viral


BJP President Amit Shah and gaffes appear to be increasingly getting synonymous to each other. Not too long ago, Shah had faced quite a tough time while struggling to communicate his message effectively to voters in Karnataka as his translators let him down severely.

Amit Shah

The BJP President is once again travelling across Madhya Pradesh to address election rallies as his party’s star campaigner. Even though, the language is hardly any barrier for him, Shah was left red-faced because of his goof-up, yet again.

Shah was in Madhya Pradesh recently where candidates from four assembly constituencies were present on the stage. While he could introduce the local candidate, his aide appeared to have forgotten to write the names of other three candidates.

Without realising that he did not have the names of other three candidates, Shah proceeded instead of stating that ‘candidates from four assembly constituencies’ he said that people from ‘four assembly constituencies’ were present there.

He, however, decided to express his anger right there and pulled up his aide in Gujarati. In the video, Shah is heard asking his aide, “Baaki koi Vidhaan Sabha na che nai? Kasu lakhiyuj nathi te? (The other Vidhan Sabha candidates are missing… you haven’t written anything.)” He asked, once again in Gujarati, “Kyan che? (Where is it).”

Before resuming his speech, he told his aide, “Puch (Go ask).”

While campaigning for his party in this year’s Karnataka polls, the video of Shah having a go at his translators publicly had gone viral on social media platforms.


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