Amit Shah reveals his government’s dangerous anti-Muslim plan on NRC


Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday sensationally said that refugees of all other faiths except Muslim will be granted Indian citizenship to ensure that they don’t run the risk of being forced to leave India after the NRC rollout.

Amit Shah

Speaking at an event in Kolkata, Shah said, “People are being misled in Bengal. I have come here to assure them today…Mamata (Banerjee) di is saying that the lakhs of Hindu refugees will have to leave West Bengal. Friends, there cannot be a bigger lie than this. Today, I have come to reassure Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jain and Christian refugees, particularly Hindu refugees that the Indian government will not force them to leave India.”

Shah said that before the NRC is rolled out in Bengal, his government at the Centre will enact Citizenship Amendment Bill to grant refugees of all faiths except Muslim Indian citizenship. He said, “What’s this CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill)? This CAB means that all Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and Christian refugees will be granted Indian citizenship forever.”

His comments evoked angry reactions on social media, where users concluded that the BJP’s mask was finally off and the party had become brazen in its hatred for Muslims. Journalist and founder of Janta Ka Reporter, Rifat Jawaid, tweeted, “If anyone ever needed an evidence to establish a parallel with Hitler’s Germany and Modi’s India! Never expected that Indian ministers will ever be so blatant with bigotry. Meanwhile, @BillGates and @melindagates can work on a new award to felicitate India’s Home Minister.” Rifat was referring to the Gates Foundation’s decision to honour Prime Minister Narendra Modi despite hundreds of thousands of people singning an online petition against their decision.

Other social media users including journalists too reacted with utter disbelief.

The BJP has vowed to form its government in Bengal. Analysts feel that the only way the saffron party can realistically form its government in a state with a significantly large Muslim population is by first disenfranchising them in the guise of NRC, which has rendered more than 19 lakh people stateless in Assam.


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