Akhlaq’s son who was almost killed with his father doesn’t want to ever return to Dadri


The Dadri lynching survivor and son of Mohammad Akhlaq has said that he didn’t wish to return to his village any longer after undergoing an experience which left a permanent scar on him.

Danish, who met Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Akhilesh Yadav, on Sunday, said that he was incredibly hurt because those who killed his father and left him severely injured were his friends.

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“I had known those who killed my dad and injured me since my childhood. It has hurt me to no end. How can I ever go back to that village? Would anyone have courage to live with the same people again?” Danish told NDTV channel.

Danish, whose brother Sartaj is serving with the Indian Air Force, had met Yadav to ‘thank him’ for his help towards his family.

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Akhlaq was lynched to death allegedly by BJP supporters in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri on 28 September on rumours that he had eaten and stored beef inside his house. Most of the arrested belong to the family of the local BJP leader, Sanjay Rana.

The Dadri lynching had caused huge global outrage prompting an unprecedented debate on the growing religious intolerance in India under the current Narendra Modi-led central government.

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Many prominent intellectuals, writers, historians, filmmakers and scientists returned their national honours in protest against the government’s inability to reign its supporters, who were believed to be responsible for causing an atmosphere of intolerance and insecurity in India.




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