Air India suspends pilot on complaint of shoplifting at Sydney airport’s duty-free shop


India’s national carrier Air India has reportedly suspended one of its pilots on complaints of shoplifting at Sydney airport’s duty-free shop. The pilot in question has been identified as Captain Rohit Bhasin.

PHOTO: Indian Express

A news flash by ANI said that the Air India action followed a complaint filed by Australian Regional Manager about shoplifting at Sydney airport’s duty-free shop.

“There is an initial report of one of Air India’s captains Mr Rohit Bhasin who is also working as a regional director picking up a wallet from a duty-free shop in Sydney. Air India has instituted an inquiry and has placed the Captain under suspension,” ANI quoted an Air India spokesperson as saying.

The news has become a topic of intense discussion on social media platforms. One Twitter user wrote mockingly, “He must’ve missed out reading “duty” before “free shop”.” Another commented, “Pilot bhi shoplifting… Shame.” “It was a unsuccessful take off (sic),” wrote another user sarcastically.

More details awaited


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