Major disaster averted at Delhi airport, Air India and IndiGo flights nearly collided


A Goa-bound Air India flight and an IndiGo flight about to land nearly collided at Delhi airport on Friday. An incredible alertness by the pilots of IndiGo and Air India meant that a disaster of monumental proportion was avoided.

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According to reports, Air India’s Delhi-Goa flight AI 156 with 122 passengers on board was given all-clear by the ATC at 11.15 AM on Friday. However, just when it was about to take off it saw an IndiGo flight making way to land from opposite direction.

The IndiGo pilot, despite being cleared by the ATC for landing, saw the Air India plane at the converging point and used his presence of time to take off again.

An NDTV report said that the Air India pilot too told the ATC that it was cancelling take-off after he saw the IndiGo flight..

The incident took place just before Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the airport to receive his Bangaldeshi counterpart, Sheikh Hasina, who’s visiting India for four days.

about to take off from Runway 28 at 11.15 am when the Air Traffic Controller or ATC asked the pilot to stop and come back to bay, sources say.

While the Air India aircraft finally took off for Goa at 12.50 pm, IndiGo’s Ranchi-Delhi flight 6E398 landed on the runway 27 minutes later.


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