Air India flight makes emergency landing after it caught fire mid-air


TV reports suggest that an Air India flight on Monday evening caught fire mid air and was forced to make an emergency landing at Delhi airport.

All 144 passengers are reported to be safe.

Other reports said that it wasn’t clear if the flight caught fire mid-air or while landing at Delhi airport. Several passengers are reported to be injured during evacuation process.

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Minutes ago, a twitter user Bipin posted these two videos:

The first video has been at the tarmac while the evacuation process appears to be on while in the second video, shot inside the airport, the medical team can be seen talking to the passengers, who appear quite shaken because of this flight scare.

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Some of the passengers were evacuated during the evacuation process. According to last updates, the flight was still on runway 27 at the airport. The Air India flight 405 caught minor fire due to hydraulic leak while landing at Delhi Airport.

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More to follow


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