Air India air hostess alleges ‘Harvey Weinstein-like’ sexual harassment by senior executives, approaches Suresh Prabhu, PM Narendra Modi


An air hostess working with Air India has taken an extraordinary step to allege ‘Harvey Weinstein-like’ sexual harassment against senior executives. The complainant posted the copies of her three-page letter addressed to the Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu while copying Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Air India
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Likening the senior executive, who allegedly sexually harassed her, to Harvey Weinstein, the woman wrote, “I am an Air Hostess & a proud single mother working for Air India, and a Senior Executive over the last 6 years has sexually harassed, tortured me and discriminated against me.Without mincing any words, this senior Executive(whose name will be revealed when I meet you) is a predator and has sexually propositioned me, about me, used abusive language on other women in my presence, spoken of sexual acts with me and other women in my presence in the office premises and he had tried to compel women in his office (including me) to come and drink with him at various bars, and many of us have been forced to do so. There are many people who can bear witness to these things. He has insulted me and denied me positions and privileges after I rejected his advances and he has made my life a misery at work and continues to do so.”

In the letter, the Air India employee also described him equal, if not worse, ‘than Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby put together’. Both Weinstien and Cosby have been charged with sexual misconduct by leading ladies of Hollywood.

Suresh Prabhu acknowledged the complaint on Twitter and said, “Asked @airindiain CMD to immediately address this issue. If necessary, will appoint another committee.”



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