We air hostesses are stripped naked, allege SpiceJet women crew


SpiceJet crew have sensationally alleged that they had been subjected to frequent strip search by the airline’s own security personnel in the last few days leading to a protest by staff at Chennai airport.

Photo: NDTV

They alleged that they were strip searched soon after deboarding flights with some even accusing the security personnel of stopping them from using washrooms and removing sanitary napkins from their handbags.

“We air hostesses are stripped naked over the last three days and women personnel touch us inappropriately. A colleague in her period was asked to remove her sanitary napkin,” one air hostess told NDTV.

The cabin crew have been protesting against the decision to frequently strip search them. Two flights including one to Colombo were recently delayed by at least an hour after they refused to board the flights. Some of the cabin crew have even written to the management complaining about the strip search. The management has promised to hold a high-level meeting on Monday morning.

In one emial, an air-hostess wrote, “Is this the policy to remove your sanitary pad, touch private parts?” Another woman crew member asked, “We cabin crew are hired majorly for safety reasons of the fellow passengers but what about our respect and safety? We talk about rape and molestation, is this any less?”

Not so long ago, one Jet Airways air-hostess was caught with crores of rupees worth foreign currency. The woman employee of Jet Airways was arrested for money laundering. 

In SpiceJet women crew’s case, they are being suspected to swindling cash collected from the in-flight sales. Kamal Hingorani, SpiceJet’s senior vice president who heads in-flight services, said in an email to airline staff, “We have therefore been compelled to carry out spot checks, which in any case is a company policy. It is in all our interests that the ‘black sheep’ amongst us is identified and removed so that honest employees are not blamed.”


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