After wife &15-year-old daughter gang raped in front of doctor father, Tejashwi Yadav says Bihar is governed by ‘Balatkari Janata Party’

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In an appalling development, a doctor was tied to a tree as nearly 20 goons in Bihar’s Gaya district took turn to gang rape his wife and 15-year-old daughter in front of him. The incident has sent shock waves across the state with opposition slamming Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s ‘tall claims’ on improved law and order in Bihar.

Photo: NDTV

The incident took place near Sondiha village under Konch police station at around 8 pm when the doctor was returning with his wife and daughter on his motorbike on Wednesday evening. The goons attacked them, robbed them of their cash, jewellery and other valuables before tying the doctor to a tree. They then sexually assaulted the wife and the daughter in front of the doctor.

Patna Zone IG Police, Naiyar Hasnain Khan, said, “The three were passing through Sondiha on a motorcycle when they were waylaid by the youth carrying firearms. They raped the mother and the daughter after tying the father to a tree.”

The doctor’s wife was later quoted as saying, “I urged them (perpetrators) to take away all our valuables and let us go, but still they took turns to do this (rape) with me and my daughter on an open agricultural field beside the road.”

Reacting to the atrocities committed against the family, former deputy chief minister of Bihar, Tejashwi Yadav said, “Nitish Kumar has buried the law and order in connivance with the BJP.” Yadav also slammed the Delhi-based channels and journalists for their silence against the alarming rise in crimes against women under the BJP-JDU government.

“Some self-proclaimed nationalist and idealistic journalists based in Delhi are now in deep sleep on the continuous incidents of gang rapes and the sad incidents of trafficking of minor girls under the government protection. Even murder and kidnapping have become routine,” he tweeted.

Yadav alleged that there were also reports of as many as 44 girls being sexually assaulted in Muzaffarpur district. He said that crimes against women were on the rise because the state was now being governed by ‘Balatkari Janata Party (BJP).’

Opposition Congress leader and MLC Prem Chandra Mishra too agreed with Yadav. “Such incidents portray Bihar in very poor light. These brutalities show that the Nitish Kumar-led government’s tall talk about the rule of law and good governance has had no impact on the ground,” he was quoted by New Indian Express.

Gaya SSP Rajeev Mishra said that the Konch police station SHO Rajeev Ranjan had been suspended from his post adding that police had already arrested 20 suspects in connection with the crime. “Two of those men were identified by the victims, and they confessed to their involvement in the crime,” Mishra was quoted as saying.


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