After technical glitch in EVMs helping BJP, now complaint of poll violation against Modi goes missing from EC website due to ‘technical glitch’


The Election Commission has come under more condemnation after it emerged that the lone complaint filed against Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone missing from the website of the national poll body. The Election Commission has reportedly blamed a ‘technical glitch’ for the mysterious disappearance of the lone complaint filed against Modi on 9 April.

Election Commission

Modi, in his rally in Maharashtra’s Latur earlier this month, had urged people to vote in the name of the martyred soldiers of the Pulwama terror attack and the soldiers, who carried out the air strikes deep inside Pakistan on 26 February. A resident of Kolkata had filed a complaint of poll violation, but when he logged into the website to check the status of his complaint, it was marked ‘resolved.’

NDTV journalist Sreenivasan Jain took to Twitter to post the screenshot of the EC website that described the status of the complaint against Modi as ‘resolved.’ Jain wrote, “The plot thickens over the PM’s vote-for-martyrs speech. Complainant logs in to EC interface to check status of his complaint; it says ‘resolved’. But EC tells @arvindgunasekar complaint is ‘still open’. Blames technical glitch for displaying wrong status!”

Interestingly, the Election Commission has received 426 complaints of violations since the Model Code of Conduct came into force on 10 March. However, the only complaint missing from its portal is the one against Modi. The EC now says that an ‘explanation from the concerned officer has been sought through the Maharastra CEO’ by 1 pm on Thursday.

The national poll body has faced repeated condemnation for having compromised its independence in favour of Modi and the BJP in this year’s Lok Sabha polls. Complaints of EVMs being rigged to favour the BJP have become rampant. Now the EC has been caught helping Modi escape action on poll code violations. Modi has made several violations since 9 April. But it seems that the EC has chosen to look the other way.



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