After photo with Sambit Patra, Smriti Irani courts controversy over Rahul Gandhi’s ‘manhood’


Union Minister Smriti Irani had last week faced incessant trolling after she posted a photo with her party colleague and BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra. Both had bumped into each other while travelling to Lucknow, Irani had revealed. Days later, Union Textiles Minister is back in news for a reported comments, allegedly questioning Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s manhood and appreciating BJP President Amit Shah’s ‘manhood.’

This was after Kolkata-based newspaper, The Telegraph, reported a news item on her comments with a headline ‘Smriti questions Rahul ‘manhood’.’ The report by The Telegraph went on to add, “Irani, who had lost to Rahul in Amethi in 2014, compared the Congress chief’s purusharth unfavourably with that of Amit Shah.”

Irani, according to the paper, had said, “(BJP) ke adhyaksh apne purusharth se bane hain; Rahul Gandhi apni mata ke ashirwad se Congress ke adhyaksh bane hain (The BJP president earned his post through his manhood, Rahul Gandhi got his thanks to his mother’s blessings).”

The translation of purusharth as manhood by The Telegraph caused a huge controversy on social media with Irani’s supporters calling it a deliberate attempt to vilify the union minister. One user Pallavi Singh wrote, “I had my doubts when I read this. If she said “पुरुषार्थ”, it means, a man’s own hard work and whatever he attains owing to his hard work. पुरसत्तव = manhood.” Another urged the newspaper to google the meaning of purusharth.

Critics of Irani slammed her for questioning Rahul Gandhi’s ‘manhood’ as one user Punster wrote, “After Sambit Patra questioned Rahul Gandhi’s gotra, Smriti Irani questions his manhood. 3 days ago, Irani had tweeted an in-flight photo with Patra, saying that they were both headed in the same direction. Well, she went a step further.”

Manhood in Hindi means purushatva, while purushartha is often used in the context of efforts.



The minister has not yet responded to the Telegraph headline. The newspaper had famously declared her Aunty National in 2016 in a clever pun on the much-maligned word Anti-National.

Irani had lost to Gandhi in 2014 Lok Sabha polls from Amethi.


  1. Purusharth of Amit shah( 1)Remember ATMARAMPATEL who was one of pioneers of BHARATIYA JUMLA PARTY in Gujarat was forced to run half naked by followers of FAT SHAH & FENKU (2)Remember HAREN PANDYA WHOM SHAH replaced his killing is PURUSHARTH of SHAH& FENKU

  2. Manhood is the most weird translation of ‘Purusharth’ . The Hindi word signifies manly effort to achieve something. The word manhood signifies male gender and its attributes.

  3. This is the problem with these type of presstitutes who don’t know even the meaning of purusharth!! Learn Samskritam and have some basic knowledge of Indian languages!!

  4. The Telegraph just misinterpreted the Hindi word ‘purusharth’ which means hard work, to manhood! And anyone with minimal knowledge of Hinduism is aware that ‘Purushartha’ does not mean manhood but quite literally refers to the “objects of human pursuit” or the goals in life. In Hindu philosophy, there are four Purusharthas: Dharma (righteousness, duties), Artha (economic prosperity), Kama (pleasure, love) and Moksha (transcendence from the cycle of death and rebirth). Smriti Irani, quite clearly, means that Amit Shah became the BJP President through his own personal conduct and the dedication through which he has pursued the goals in life while Rahul Gandhi owes his position to the dynasty.

    It just shows that the elitists in The Telegraph not only know the basics of Hindu but are so detached from the cultural ethos of the Indian nation that they fail spectacularly to translate even a word as well known as ‘Purushartha’.

    The Telegraph, it appears, is far too engrossed with genitalia and sexual connotations, consistent with liberals at large. A certain Bollywood actress could not look beyond her vagina, Lutyens have oversimplified the complex rituals of Sabarimala and claim the traditions is just about menstruation and now we have The Telegraph which translates ‘Purushartha’ to ‘manhood’.

    It’s unsurprising considering the fact that in the world of liberalism, liberation has become synonymous with sexual freedom and gender. Sexuality has become such an intrinsic part of the ideology that liberals start finding sexuality and gender identity in things that has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  5. Purushartba does not mean manhood. It means a hievements of a man as a man. The media is creating unnessqry hie and cry for an misunderstood concept.


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