After JNU, now pro-Azaadi chants on Kolkata’s Jadavpur University campus, video goes viral


A new video, purportedly showing students from Kolkata’s Jadavpur University with pro-independence chants has emerged.

The video posted by the news agency ANI has students chanting slogans similar to those allegedly chanted by students on the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University on 9 February. is unable to confirm the authenticity of this video.

This is how the chanting goes.

Azaadi ham cheen ke lenge,

Arre Afzal Bole… Azaadi (chorus)

Geelani bole.. Azaadi (chorus)

Jo Tum Naa doge.. Azaadi (chorus)

To Chheen ke lenge… Azaadi (chorus)

However, unlike Delhi there were no reports of police excesses in Kolkata.

Delhi police, which reports to the BJP government at the Centre, was nimble-footed in its crackdown arrested several students, most notably the students’ union leader Kanhaiya Kumar on charges of sedition.




  1. Yechuri, Rahul and Kejriwal just to oppose govt are indirectly supporting the anti national activites. These students are to young and prone be mislead by antinationals. Political parties and their leaders should behave responsibily when it comes to issues related to nationalism.

    • exactly…the way ABVP students are seems they are really mislead by the real anti nationals of the true all inclusive dynamic India…

  2. Delhi police chief said on TV “we have video of Kanhaiya Kumar chanting anti INDIA slogans”. But police report to home ministry says otherwise.
    Home minister Rajnath Singh says Hafiz Saeed is helping JNU. But he has NO proof.
    So who is the actual person who shouted slogans? Who will catch the culprit?
    Delhi police caught Kanhaiya Kumar.
    What non sense is going on?


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