After calling him animal, Anurag Kashyap calls Amit Shah ‘rioter, urban naxal’


Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap has lashed out at Home Minister Amit Shah once again for the deteriorating law and order situation in the national capital after the third incident of firing was reported from the Jamia area, the epicentre of anti-CAA protests. In his latest hard-hitting attack against Shah, Kashyap called him a trouble maker, who was a rioter.

Anurag Kashyap

Kashyap tweeted, “Himself the rioter, himself the trouble-maker, himself breaks the nation, himself a member of the tukde tukde gang and himself an urban naxal. But blame others. This is great Home Minister (Amit Shah).”

The filmmaker, known for criticising the central government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was reacting to a statement by Shah, who had criticised AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal for reportedly expressing his solidarity with the Shaheen Bagh protesters. Shah was quoted as saying at an election rally, “Delhi had riots for 2 days and Kejriwal proudly said that he stands with Shaheen Bagh. They cannot protect Delhi but can only divide the country: Home Minister Amit Shah.”

Earlier, Kashyap had shared a tweet by a Congress worker, who posted the photo of Hindutva terrorist Rambhakt alongside the photo of Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah with a caption that read, “Shah’s Son ?BCCI Secretary, Successful rich Businessman, Comfortable Life
Shah’s Followers & their Sons ?Terrorist, Radicalised Failure, Jail Life. This is the reality of BJP’s Hindutva Politics. Shah’s propaganda will ruin your family but will keep him in power. Rethink!”

Last month, Kashyap had lashed out at Amit Shah as he launched his most stinging attack against the latter after a protester was allegedly thrashed by BJP supporters in his election rally in Delhi. Kashyap said that history will spit on Shah, who he referred to as an animal.

Meanwhile, hashtag #AmitShahMustResign has been a top Twitter trend since Sunday night.


    • It is always funny when you Hindutva use the term “divide”. He is the only one who is speaking out against the Divider In Chief, whom majority has democratically twice elected to the parliament on the basis of their hatred for the non-Hindu majority, whom the likes of you who are 24/7 obsessed about creating myths about neighbouring country, and demonising the non-Hindus citizens of India 24/7


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