Advaniji is correct on emergency, Is Delhi their first experiment, asks CM Kejriwal


Opposition parties have described LK Advani’s statement on the threat of emergency  as a veiled attack on Narendra Modi government.

The BJP patriarch had told a national daily that the forces that can ‘crush democracy’ were stronger now adding that he couldn’t say whether emergency wouldn’t happen now.

This comment has given fodder to opposition parties, who have been quick with their own interpretations.

Aam Aadmi Party’s chief Arvind Kejriwal tweeted agreeing with the BJP leader but asked this question, ” Advaniji is correct in saying that emergency can’t be ruled out. Is Delhi their first experiment?”

Kejriwal’s colleague Ashutosh said, “What LK Advani ji has said shows that he has no faith in Modi and this Govt. It reminds me of that time he (LK Advani) hinted at dictatorship and Hitler in his blog when Modi ji was being chosen as PM candidate.”

Congress’ Tom Vadakkan too agreed and said that “Advaniji had highlighted these things earlier and said this is one of best event managements the country has seen.”

The criticism has also prompted the BJP to issue a clarification. The party’s spokesperson, MJ Akbar, told a news agency that it was wrong to read too much into Advani’s comments on the threat of emergency.

He said, “I think Advani ji was referring to institutions rather than individuals. I don’t think there is any chance of emergency like situation.”

Media has always been abuzz with the reports over perceived differences between the BJP patriarch and PM Modi. These reports dominated media coverage particularly in the period leading to the Loksabha elections last year.


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