How administration in Goa’s BJP government ‘prevented’ SBI from taking possession of Vijat Mallya’s villa


The SBI chief, Arundhati Bhattacharya, has made a sensational revelation that the administration under Goa’s BJP government had prevented the bank from taking possession of the liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s assets in Goa.

Mallya, who own a posh villa close to Goa’s capital, Panaji, had given a guarantee to the public lender about his assets.

Bhattacharya told NDTV’s Walk The Talk show (to be broadcast on 11 March) that the district magistrate (an IAS officer) refused to execute the High Court’s order to take possession of Mallya’s villa.

She said, “We had been trying to get the possession of (Vijay Mallya’s) Goa villa. And in spite of the fact that the High Court had passed an order that it should be done in three months, the order, when given to the collector ( to execute), the collector, in turned, held eight hearings and then went on leave.So we couldn’t get the order (executed). Normally the collectors are supposed to take possession without hearing. But this person had eight hearings.”

Bhattachrya also said that the lenders had approached the Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi, who advised the banks not to approach the highest court (Supreme Court) and instead approach the Debt Recovery Tribunal, which ‘didn’t give any relief’ to banks.

“Next day we went to the High Court. The High Court once again sent us back to the DRT. But the DRT again did not give us the relief we are asking for. We wanted his assets under oath.”

Assets under oath are those when one has to declare everything that he/she owns under oath. It was required because Mallya had given a personal guarantee about his assets

Bhattacharya explained that banks usually asked for personal guarantee to ensure that, in the event, the businesses went in distress and the clients still expected banks to advance the payment, their declared assets could be used to offset any future losses.

Bhattacharya said that bankers were like your family doctors. always ready to help business in distress.

“Just like when the patient is in pain we don’t send them to crematorium. We put them in hospital and try and resuscitate,” she added.

She was also pained that the CBI and the public lender had not worked in collaboration while taking corrective action against Mallya.

She said, “Today it appears that (both the CBI and the SBI) are adversaries. We are not. We are on the same sside of the table. If we can collaborate, we can ensure that the crimes do come down.”


  1. Good going India. Long live slavery!!! 08 hearings??? Court+Administration+Police=”0″, Law is no more blind. That’s very clear.

  2. These bastards in the banks put so many conditions, ask so many questions, etc. and delay so many months in even sanctioning 10-20 lakhs loans asked by us citizens even for housing, medication and other purposes. But so easily and so courteously and so quickly sanction and give thousands of crores of rupees to cheaters and fraudulent corporations etc. That is more because they get hefty commissions personally and illegal kickbacks, etc. and then they will go to any lengthen to sanction and then not collect even.

    • The delay in banks is because every bastard is trying to find a way to cheat the bank and get away with public money and it is getting tougher everyday for the bankers to differentiate such bastards from good ones.

      • That does not prevent the bastards in banks to lick the asses of the wealthy and mighty to get hefty bribes and commissions and earn lakhs and crores of black moneys themselves. One dirty officer of RBI on a mere phone call from a fraudster in the name of RBI Director pooled up some lakhs and gave away to that fraudster without even a receipt or asking or enquiry etc. and the punishment is – promoted as the in-charge of the fraud check department or commission of the same banks!

        • Being a banker i can say that there are various checks to detect and avoid possibilities of Corruption at least in the junior and mid management . In most of the cases its not the hefty bribe that makes the bankers lend to wrong ppl but the external pressure from top bosses,bureaucrats and politicians . And coming to the the case of the rbi officer u r talking abt-may be he did it in his personal capacity and not as a banker, as neither Rbi nor its officials can lend public funds to individuals.

    • you actually high lighted the truth. Now all these blaiming eachother is nothing but eye wash for befooling the Janata.

    • you are mistaking the whole episode. It is not the same people in bank who gives personal loan(car laon, home loan) to common people, vs who approves big loans.
      Big loans like 10,000 crores or anything in 100s of crores goes to Bank MD/ Managing Director,
      Top boses. All the top bosses are directly appointed by corrupt politicians. So they blindly approve the loan, because corrupt politicians get party founds. Dont blame Malya, he is one small fish in the big scam. do you know BJP and congress sponsored his RajyaSabha seat for 10 years???
      Indian banks have 6 lac crores NPA( including Mayals 9000 crores Debt), so imagine how many are there in 6 lac crores? MODI or SONIA get share indireclty/direclty of all these banks’ big loansmoney.
      corrupt politician loot and let others to loot INDIA-common people. So CBI/ED/IT/ are all setup by corrupt politicians, they mostly waste public money. ex: CBI wasted 1600 crores to investigate Bofors Scam of 800 crores. you know the result.
      Please dont blame bank employees who are in the lower end, they try to follow the rules at least for common people, similar to police, courts. Before you comment, please find who approves the loan to big corporates like VijayMalya??? It is indireclty from corrupt politicians/FM who heads Banks of INDIA.
      do you know how banks still work even Vijaymalya will not pay his loan???
      Govt fill up the banks with 1000s of crores each year to cover up NPAs.
      do you know where Govt gets that money, Govt increases tax ( ex : service tax is increased two times under MODI – 12 to 14%. it is you and me are paying for VijayMalyas loan. So who got benefited ? – Corrupt policians and VijayMalya. who are the fools – common people of india.

  3. As a ex-Banker; having put more than 36 yrs of service that too in the credit, I say that the bankers are not corrupt . They are hard working and honest people

  4. Now Cat is out. How SBI was not able to take possession of Mallyas property in Goa.from this it is clear who helped Mallya to fly out. Worst part is the blame game now BJP and Congress are indulged in.


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