Actor Varun Dhawan says he voted in Rajya Sabha elections last year, social media users call it ‘Alia Bhatt effect’


Actor Varun Dhawan on Tuesday complained of his name not being in the voters’ list as he went to cast his vote for the BMC elections in Mumbai.

He said that it was “upsetting that I couldn’t find my name on the voter list.”

Actor Varun Dhawan

He told reporters, “My name has not shown up in the list unfortunately. It’s bizarre because I voted last year. Will find out from the EC where is my name.”

Later India Today (watch below) quoted him as saying, “In fact, last year I had voted for the Rajya Sabha. But unfortunately this time, for BMC elections, my name didn’t show up.”

It’s not sure whether Varun indeed meant Rajya Sabha or any other elections, because the Rajya Sabha MPs are elected by the Legislative Assembly of States and Union territories. Ordinary voters don’t directly take part in voting for the Rajya Sabha MPs.

The Lok Sabha elections had taken place in 2014 while the Maharashtra assembly polls were held in October 2014.

Varun has turned out to be one of the most promising new talents in Bollywood. His next release Badrinath Ki Dulhania is set to release next month. But he clearly needs more understanding of India’s election system.

Social media users were nimble-footed in reacting to the gaffe by Varun with many linking the comments to Alia Bhatt, who was ridiculed because of poor knowledge on current affairs.

Here are some of the comments;

Ajay Chaudhary: Karma is a bitch. He made fun of Alia bhatt for her prithvi raj chauhan president comment.

Shahzad Jafri: Side effects of Being with Alia


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