“I was called at big people’s houses. I was told if I open my mouth, I will be finished”


Actor Kangana Ranaut has said that she was called at ‘big people’s houses’ and warned not to speak on controversy involving Hrithik Roshan. She said that her much publicised battle with Hrithik over their alleged love affair, was a thing of the past now and that the chapter is “done and dusted” for her.

Actor Kangana Ranaut

“I was called at big people’s houses. I was told if I open my mouth, I will be finished (referring to her career).

But it doesn’t make any sense because that chapter is over for me. It is so done and dusted and it doesn’t hold any relevance in today’s time,” Kangana told PTI when asked if she was told to sort out the issue behind close doors.

The two stars’ tussle started when Kangana hinted at Hrithik being her “silly ex” during an interview last year.

Their feud turned nasty after they slapped legal notices on each other. Hrithik even asked her to tender a public apology and refuted her claim of the two having had a relationship.

During this war of the words between the duo, there were people from the film industry who suggested the national award-winning actress to desist from making anything public.

“I had that (low) phase also but it did not frighten or threaten me because I knew I was not doing anything wrong,” she said.

The two reportedly started dating on sets of “Krrish 3”.

Kangana in April last year had made a series of sensational charges against her for co-star Hrithik Roshan accusing him of circulating ‘objectionable photos.’

The Queen star’s lawyer had written to Mumbai police commissioner to lodge complaint against Hrithik demanding his arrest.



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