Activist Trupti Desai enters Haji Ali, offers prayers


Activist Trupti Desai, who’s been fighting for the rights of the women to pray in religious places, on Thursday entered Mumbai’s Haji Ali Dargah to offer prayers amid tight security.


Saying that her struggle was for gender equality, Desai said, “At the Dargah, I prayed that women be allowed to enter the inner sanctum, as was the case till 2011.”

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Bhumata Brigade chief Desai, according to PTI, said after coming out of the Dargah, “Police cooperated with us this time. This is a fight for gender equality. We will try to visit the inner sanctum next time.”

Desai had made similar attempts to enter Haji Ali last month, but was detained by police. A Muslim Shiv Sena leader had warned her of dire consequences if she attempted to enter the Dargah.

Desai, however, warned the Dargah trustees of protest in 15 days if women are not allowed to pray where men do.

She said, “We saw where we are allowed till and where men go till inside Dargah, in 15 days trustees should allow women in else we will protest.”


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