Activist ‘disappointed’ with new RTI reply on PM Modi’s SSC qualification


While the secrecy over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s educational qualification continues to baffle many, a new RTI reply provided to an Ahmedabad-based activist will raise fresh questions.

PM Modi, who, in his election affidavit had declared having acquired a Masters degree from Gujarat University in 1983, claims to have also passed his SSC exams from Vadnagar, Mehsana in 1967.

However, the fresh RTI reply has revealed that Vadnagar was ‘not given an examination centre’ in 1967 thereby raising fresh questions on his SSC qualification.

The RTI reply by Gujarat Secondary Education and Higher Secondary Education Examination said, ” You asked for candidates, who passed board exams between 01/01/1966 and 31/12/1968 from Vadnagar taluka along with the names and addresses of candidates and schools. But during this period, Vadnagar was not given (examination) centre. Therefore, this office has no information in relation with Vadnagar taluka.”

The activist who filed the RTI says he’s disappointed because ‘RTI is a fundamental right.’

He said, “According to the reply, the exam centre was in Mehsana and not Vadnagar, so, therefore, they can’t provide the information. We have right to ask. Why is the administration so reluctant to disclose the educational qualification of our PM. After all we know our PM is a very education man.”

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In September, Gujarat University had rejected an RTI request asking for information on the prime minister’s Masters degree.

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PM Modi’s educational qualification has been an enigma to many with repeated efforts to elicit details around his academic career proving futile.

Not long ago, his detractors had launched a massive social media campaign with the hashtag #DegreeDikhaoPMSaab on twitter.

The information about PM Modi’s educational qualification is published here.



  1. If Modi has a genuine Degree, why he and the Public Authorities are feeling shy in disclosing the same. What is the truth behind tall this?

    This attitude raises more question and people are getting more interested in knowing the truth. Can we raise our head in proud about the PM Degree or has our PM Lied?

  2. सच्चाई यह हे….मोदी जी जब कक्षा ८ में पढ़ते थे ..तब प्रकाश दरबार नमक साथी छात्र से झगड़ा हुवाथा…वोह प्रकाश दरबार आज रिटायर्ड क्लास-1 फारेस्ट ओफ्फिसर हे..वडनगर से ३ किलोमीटर दूरी पर छोटे से गाँव का निवासी हे…तब से बिना लिविंग सर्टिफिकेट लिए स्कुल छोड़ कर नरेन्द्र भाई दामोदरदास मोदी अहमदाबाद चले गयी थे…फिर कभी पढाई की ही नहीं बाकी की कहानी 1—भगवान् 2–मोदी खुद जानता हे…


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