ABP News ‘demands’ on-air apology from Arnab Goswami for portraying its reporter as ‘goon’


ABP News, one of India’s most watched Hindi news channels, has reportedly demanded an on-air apology from Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV after the latter portrayed one of the former’s reporters as a ‘goon’ during a live broadcast on Tuesday night.

ABP News

Republic TV had broadcast images of several individuals from the venue of Jignesh Mevani’s rally in Delhi accusing them of having intimidated its reporter, Shivani Gupta.

Its on-screen headline attributed to Arnab Goswami had screamed, “Tonight I will put out videos circling the pictures of the vulgar thugs who tried to intimidate Shivani and failed.”

Among those whose images were circled in red were the husband of columnist Pratishtha Singh, and Jainendra Kumar, a reporter with ABP News.

ABP’s Abhisar Sharma took to Facebook to express his anger. He wrote angrily,

Last night, not only did a so-called news channel Republic TV portray an innocent person as a goon, but also called one of India’s finest TV reporters, Jainendra Kumar, a goon by circling his image. What’s this channel about? Where have they come from? What kind of mentally sick people are running this channel? Who are goons here? It’s they who broadcast anything they wish, who defame others by taking supari from a particular political party. This is the first time a news channel has called a reporter from another news channel a goon. They are crossing every limit and there’s nobody, who can restrain these extortionists.”

Goswami has reportedly apologised to the reporter in question but sources told Janta Ka Reporter that ABP had demanded a formal on-air apology on Republic TV during his prime time show failing which the channel will file a defamation case against Republic TV.

Earlier on Wednesday, Pratishtha Singh had written a moving blog on Janta Ka Reporter expressing her disgust against Goswami and his channel for wrongly branding her husband as a goon.

We tried to contact Goswami for his response but he did not respond to our repeated calls. We will update the story once we hear from him.


  1. Arnab Goswami – (son of a Military officer and defeated BJP candidate , nearly lost his deposit in Guwahati constituency against Congress’s Bhuwaneshwar Kalita who is an executive , now, in AICC , HQ ) , erratic, goes on relaying false news, deliberately , as a slave of BJP MP , Rajeev Chandrasekhar , investor in Republic who should have been ousted , by now , from the Rajya Sabha for having had submitted wrong income details (ED is mum because he is not from opposition) . ABP must be pro-active and fight the wrongs , that being a reputed and mega House .

  2. ARNAB GOSWAMY is only one and only towering personality in INDIAN MEDIA today who for the first time introduced the disruptive aggressive fearless independent JOURNALISM in visual MEDIA in the Country. which was till then rotten by a majority of influential Media channel houses, Senior Journalists, who did nothing but the narrative of a particular rich and established large political party of complete influence and their allies throwing all journalistic ethics and principles to the wind. We all have been consuming the utter twisted, false, fake narrative of news and reports from such media entities in nexus with the ruling establishmment who could extend anything and everything to every one. True that there were very few exceptions but they were not powerful enough to take on the corrupt and communal establishment and change the narrative to the level of truth. So there was a powerful solid perception that whatever the political party in power those decades and the contemporary media narratated that was the truth and absolute truth and they could create any narrative together they want according to their requirement and wish. They were able and empowered to make a reverant out of a thief, a thief out of a real reverant and so on. Political parties likie BJP and its main Patriarchs were humiliated as Communal and Castists and a otherwise calm and harmonious indian society was divided by constant actions and allied media propaganda to woo the minorities for selfish purpose of votes from such communities feeding them lies that the other party is against them and hate them. This went on for decades and we now see the result in the society, between the communities, and the economy because of the extreme corruption scams done for decades in many fields. Otherwise we would have been far ahead than what we are in economic development,

    This unfortunate reality and perception changed for the first time in Indian Media just because of one person and that is undoubtedly Mr ARNAB Goswamy and his then Channel TIMES NOW which broke all the wrong unfair rules made just to serve a dynasty family and its cohoots. Whatever criticism one can make about this gentleman who is a unparallely uncorrupt professional journalist leader, he took on the most powerful in every walks of life in this country when they crossed the lakshman rekha of the Constitution, attacked the corrupt leaders and parties, fought for the fearful and subjugated and made a historically new FORM OF AGGRESSIVE FEARLESS JOURNALISM for the first time in the country and the citizen viewers who were fed up of corrupt narratives till then started to take notice and flocked in front of his programs everyday. This increased the acceptability of the Channel Programs and gave the media house rich dividends. But the dark forces did not keep quite, strings were pulled behind the curtain, and unfortunately he had to leave the channel for reasons till unknown but only guessed by public.

    When people were desparate and despair set on, there came the good welcome announcement from Mr Arnab Goswamy that he will be on air again with his broadcasting like earlier with a new CHANNEL and soon todays most successful most popular and respected Channel REPUBLIC was launched. However, it is not easy to fight a facist organisation and its allied left forces, They started fierce covert and overt attacks on REPUBLIC CHANNEL, Arnab Goswamy and his Colleagues through chief functionaries and reporters of many other channels, political leaders, corporates, Dynasty Dependent Activists, and so called biased favoured parasites of so called Intellectuals etc and it continues even now. Arnab is undeterred and there are political parties thenceforth demonised by the political party nexused by good part of Leutyen Media who wanted only truth to be taken to the people unlike the maligning propaganda that they are communal and bad who also support the channel. Ratings of all channels together prove that People are quite convinced that this channel REPUBLIC is the most effective, true, and principled channel and the highest ratings always prove it. Still its distractors are at work against it attacking with a lynch mob mania whenever and wherever its Reporters work on the ground, through twitters, through moles on twitters, through comments in their own programs, through articles so on and so forth maligning REPUBLIC as favouring BJP which actually was similarly targetted for decades by Congress Party malign propaganda supported by the Luteyen media. Whatever abuse and threats from political parties, Leaders, other Journalists and Channels against REPUBLIC and ARNAB GOSWAMY can be read in this context of LYNCH MOB MANIA by his opponents.

  3. 1 and only arnab has courage to speak against biot licker journo who r on pay roll of one family they r frustrated because modi ji ban there fykly paid foreign trip with earlier govt pm/ Moe tour now tgey feeling heat ,

    Lage raho arnab full india is with u as per trp @bark no news channel near by @republic


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