AAP will win all 117 seats in Punjab: Sanjay Singh


AAP National spokesperson Sanjay Singh on Wednesday said that the size of the crowd at Talwandi Sabo was a sign that AAP would win all 117 seats in the assembly polls next year.

“After seeing such a mammoth gathering I will also convey to Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal that Punjab is all geared up to break AAP’s record of Delhi by winning all the 117 seats”, Singh was quoted by PTI.

He added, “I think by seeing such a sea of people they must have got the answer… how AAP will completely sweep Punjab in 2017.”

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Singh said Akalis and Congressmen were misleading people by spreading the word that the AAP leaders lacked experience and hence they would not be able to govern.

“Yes we have no experience to distribute money, liquor and other gifts during elections. We have no experience to distribute drugs as cabinet minister Bikram Singh Majithia does. But with our experience we have already made a huge difference in the health and education sectors in Delhi”, said Singh.

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Sanjay Singh called upon people not to get scared by the Akalis who are “implicating” the AAP supporters in false cases.

“Once the AAP government is formed in Punjab not only of AAP supporters but all false cases will be taken back’, he assured.

He said even revenue minister Bikram Majithia had filed a defamation case against him to scare him from criticizing him for his role in drug trade.

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“Today I say it again that when AAP will form the government in Punjab we will send Majithia to jail for his role in drug trade”.

“These Badals are running the Punjab government like their private limited company where all family members are cabinet ministers. In AAP’s constitution only one member of a family can get a party ticket, said Sanjay Singh..


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