Criticised for calling Congress ‘nicer choice,’ Bhushan says AAP has become ‘more unscrupulous’


Lawyer-activist, Prashant Bhushan caused a stir on Tuesday after he criticised his former party, AAP, and described Congress a nicer option in Punjab.

Prashant Bhushan, left, and Arvind Kejriwal, associates of Anna Hazare, India's most prominent anti-corruption activist, elaborate evidences of corruption collected against 15 ministers serving in the present government, including its leader and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, at a press conference in New Delhi, India, Saturday, May 26, 2012. Files containing evidences of corruption have been sent to Singh, asking him to constitute an investigation team of eminent judges to verify their claims. (AP Photo/ Saurabh Das)

No sooner had his comments made in the US during a personal visit been reported, he became the target of criticism by AAP leader.

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Ashutosh took to Twitter to mocking his former colleague for finding virtues’ in Congress.

He wrote, “Prashant Bhushan NOW discovers VIRTUES and AESTHETICS in Congress ! Amazed ! (sic)”

Bhushan replied, “It was AK (Arvind Kejriwal) who tried to form joint govt with Cong after Lok Sabha elections&sent letter to LG on it. I had opposed it. I have fought Cong&it’s corruption throughout my life. I exposed Bofors,2g,Coalgate,Air India etc.Unfortunately AAP became more unscrupulous. (sic).”

Little later, Ashutosh responded, “You mean to say that you are trying to copy ?? Wow !! But I was given to understand that u had principles !!! why sudden change of heart?personal grudge/ideological confusion/political opportunism?World seen u abusing young Raghav on TV! (sic)”

Bhushan, however, did not reply to these tweets.

Bhushan, while speaking at a small group of Indian-Americans and Indians in Washington, had said called Kejriwal ‘totally unscrupulous’ adding that ‘the day it suits him, he will join hands with Modi. I have no doubt about it.”

Bhushan, a founding member of AAP, had parted ways with the party along with Yogendra Yadav, to form a separate outfit, Swaraj Abhiyan.


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