AAP MLA Commando Surinder arrested, AAP says he’s a ‘patriot’


Aam Aadmi Party MLA, Commando Surinder Singh was arrested on Friday evening.

Confirming this news, the MLA said, ” I’ve been told by ACP that I’ve been arrested and will be taken for medical check-up.”

According to reports, Commando Singh was arrested allegedly on the complaints of NDMC officials.

An FIR was registered against Singh at the Tughlaq Road police station last month. The incident had allegedly occurred when Singh intervened in a routine checking drive by NDMC employees in the area.

“Surinder Singh’s car reached the spot when Mukesh along with 10-12 NDMC employees was in the process of sanitising the footpath and roadside area occupied by the hawkers,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijay Singh had said. Singh punched .

Aam Aadmy Party has been quick to react on this development.

AAP leader Ashutosh took to twitter condemning this action. He said;

User Gajendra Sharma agreed with him echoing the similar sentiments for the arrested MLA.


AAP’s social media head, Ankit Lal accused BJP of going soft on corruption but hard on a ‘patriot.’



  1. I wonder if Cr.P.C, C.P.C and I.P.C Law and Order Rules are the same for the rest of India and Delhi, because no where else in India the police would even provide a CSR Receipt (Community Service Register) for a case of assault even against a small local goon. They would simply ridicule and humiliate the complainant and arbitrate the matter for a sum to not file a counter complaint against the original complainant itself. Today most of the criminals are wearing uniform and have no machinery in place to stop them There could be exception to the above but only at a negligible level.
    But in Delhi the Police do file a FIR against a sitting MLA and do even Arrest him for a CASE of assault without any evidence, but only on sheer allegations is the 9th wonder of this PLANET.

  2. On 02 August 2015, Commando Surender Sharma (a Sepoy medically discharged from Army) spoke against the OROP from the stage erected under the banner of Voice of Exsservicemen (JCO, NCO & Other Ranks) at Jantar-Mantar. The Jawans are against implementation of OROP which benefits only the Commissioned Officers. A hunger strike is in continuum at a separate stall for correction of OROP as per its basic principles before its implementation.


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