AAP MLA uses derogatory words for Modi government, party comes to his defence


A video of Aam Aadmi Party MLA, Amantullah Khan, using derogatory words for the Narendra Modi government has surfaced.

In the video, shot during a poetry function in Red Fort on 16 February, Khan is seen calling Modi ‘hamraamkhor’ and defending an Islamic scholar, Mufti Abdus Sami, who was arrested by the NIA over the agency’s ‘Open FIR’ against the IS.

Defending his derogatory words for Modi government, Khan told Indian Express, “Yes, I have used the word ha……. for the central government because it has been denying the poor and the minorities their rights. It has been batting for the industrialists and the haves and depriving the have-nots. The literal meaning of the word haraamkhor is one who takes away what does not belong to him. Is this not what the Modi government is doing by depriving the minorities and the poor?”

The video also saw the MLA urging Muslims to gherao the Union Home Minister.

He said that this will force the government to not ‘touch your children’ adding that the government had no evidence against Mufti Sami.

AAP leader and spokesperson Sanjay Singh too defended Khan,”Though I would insist that one choose one’s words carefully, what Amanatullah said holds true. Literally the word haraamkhor means jo haraam ka khaata ho. Though it might sound offensive and a better word could have been used, it is not entirely unjustified. The government has harassed the Delhi government so much that our legislators are offended and therefore tend to react sharply.”


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