AAP minister’s staff ‘caught’ on camera seeking bribe of Rs 30 lakh for boss


Congress on Tuesday demanded immediate dismissal of Delhi Minister Imran Hussain, after the party released sting video and audio, alleging that a Rs 30 lakh bribe was demanded by a person for regularising an illegal construction in Ballimaran area of north Delhi on his behalf.

Ballimaran is Imran Hussain’s constituency. AAP leader has denied the charge.

Delhi Congress chief Ajay Maken released a sting video, which allegedly shows a man seeking money from one Qaseem.

According to Maken, the man in question is Hammad, who works in Hussain’s office. The man was also heard saying that they had to “give money” to get an AAP ticket in the assembly polls.

Aside from the video, the party also released two audio clips allegedly containing telephonic conversations of Qaseem with the minister’s brother and an engineer of the municipal corporation.

Maken took to twitter to reiterate his demand for Hussain’s resignation;



Hussain has denied the charge as “baseless”.

“I have nothing to do with the sting. The allegations are totally baseless. If Maken can prove the charges, I will quit politics. He should quit politics, if he fails,” Hussain, the Minister for Food and Civil Supplies, and Environment and Forests was quoted by news agency ANI.

Hussain was appointed minister in October last year after his predecessor Asim Khan was sacked for similar charged on live TV by Delhi chief minister.

Soon Congress supporters launched a new twitter hashtag accusing the AAP government of being ‘corrupt.’



This expose comes just on the eve of Arvind Kejriwal completing one year as Delhi’s chief minister.

Congress supporters have been fervently tweeting under hashtag #CorruptKejriwalGovt, which had become a top twitter trend.

Here are some of the tweets;








  1. LOL, has Kejriwal approved this message? If yes, then Imran’s goose is cooked…

    If NO, then JantaKaReporter should be prepared to be labeled as a corrupt BJP/RSS agent by “honest” AAP. 😀

    • first is working for country so congratulations and second is working against party so parting. Not ingenious enough to juxtapose mammal and fish to compare for a conclusion!

  2. Every 2 min same happens in Maharashtra, so no one even has time to talk about it because it is like drinking water and going for a leak. The sting is akin to a student (Congress) who got 10% marks and is blaming the topper (AAP) at 90% plus that he is stupid as he did not know answer to the 2 marks that he knew! and another failed student (BJP) who got 35% is joining the 10% in protesting.

  3. The honesty and integrity of Kejriwal lies in his swift action against the corrupt, even if it means his own staff, so the idiots who are recklessly passing judgments on him , the laugh is on the idiots, Kejriwal is not god that he would know when the corrupt in his team will expose themselves, so the idiots in the hashtags should be patient enough to see his reactions , period. Kejriwal has done much better and more sincere that most of the politicians in all of india.


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