AAP legislator Surinder Singh denies charges of beating and abusing


Aam Aadmi Party MLA Surinder Singh has denied the charges of beating and abusing NDMC officials.

An FIR was registered against Singh at the Tughlaq Road police station.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Vijay Singh had claimed that Surinder Singh punched an NDMC employee in the face while he was discharging his duty during an anti-hawkers drive in Delhi. The MLA was also accused of making casteist remarks against the said NDMC employee.

Surinder, however, denied of ll the charges levelled against him.

He told the news agency ANI, “All the allegations of manhandling, beating and abusing are completely baseless and untrue. I saw 10-12 people beating up a rickshaw puller on my way to home. When I intervened they said they were from NDMC. So, I complainedd about them to NDMC Director, warned them and just left.”

The MLA has been booked under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, an amendment for which was passed recently in the Lok Sabha, and the Indian Penal Code.

Singh, a former army personnel, was elected MLA from Delhi Cantt in this year’s assembly elections.


  1. WAR HERO SHRI SURENDER SINGH IS A VICTIM OF OUR “GARBAGE” CORRUPT SYSTEMS FROM THE VERY BEGINNING :- He was earlier an Indian Army commando, from one of its oldest infantry regiments, The Grenadiers. He took part in the Kargil War, Operation Parakram, Operation Sadbhavna and Operation Black Thunder and was part of the UN mission in Congo. He lost his hearing while countering the 2008 Mumbai attacks, when he shot two of the attackers. He left the army with the rank of Naik (corporal). He was made to run from pillar to post for his pension for 19 months by the ruling Indian govt, He approached AAP party who took up his cause and made sure he got his dues and at the same time he was offered a MLA seat to fight election which he won. In 2012, he did his B.A. from EIILM University, Sikkim. His first name is also written Surender.

  2. BUT he is anti-nationalist as per BJP bhakts and now also alleged criminal based on FIR by BJP’s police – these have no idea about nationalism – they are curse on the nation !



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