AAP leader Phoolka quits all posts, to focus on 1984 Sikh riots case


Senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader HS Phoolka on Saturday resigned from all posts and said that he would now devote full energy on the 1984 Sikhs riots cases he was fighting.

In a detailed letter posted on Facebook, Phoolka said that he was not only resigning from all party posts but quitting active politics altogether. He wrote that he would now turn his undivided attention on the 1984 riots cases, in which he was a petitioner.

Phoolka tweeted, “Party has happily relieved me for my old cause of justice to victims (anti-Sikh riots) of 1984.”

Phoolka said that AAP was doing very well in Punjab and would win the next state assembly election. He pointed out that the party continued to support him.

Phoolka said, “The 1984 riot cases are at a crucial juncture now, and require my full time. So, AAP has agreed to relieve me from all posts.”

Phoolka posted on Facebook, “As much as an inherent part as I am of AAP, my dedication to the cause of 1984 [riots cases] remains unaltered. At this stage, where I feel I am needed more for these cases, I must not hesitate to take a step back from everything else and give the cause my undivided attention.”

He continued, “After detailed discussions with Kejriwal ji and with his approval, it has been decided collectively that I quit active politics and resign from party posts, to enable myself to entirely devote myself for getting justice for the victims and punishment for the culprits such as Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tytler.”

Phoolka explained that it was extremely unfortunate that over the three decades we all were fighting to bring the real culprits to book since 1984.

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday had suspended proceedings against senior Congress leader Sajjan Kumar in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case.


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