AAP launches stinging attack, ‘exposes’ Arun Jaitley’s corruption in DDCA


Aam Aadmi Party on Wednesday launched stinging attack against the Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, for his alleged involvement in corrupt practices during his tenure as the president of Delhi District Cricket Association.


Leading the attack at Delhi’s Constitution Club, the party’s spokesperson, Raghav Chadha and senior leader Kumar Vishwas said that the Tuesday’s CBI raids at Arvind Kejriwal’s office were to protect Jaitley’s alleged corruption.

Here are the highlights:

  • This is a Commonwealth Scam of cricket
  • When we first raised questions on DDCA’s corruption, the ACB was taken away from us
  • This time when we were about to start commission of inquiry, the central government conducted CBI raids
  • Modi using same tactics of victimisation against us as the UPA did
  • Modi must know that what we did to the Congress, we are capable of doing to you
  • Demand Modiji to remove his corrupt minister, Arun Jaitley
  • Order independent probe, which is not possible for as long as Jaitley is Finance Minister
  • 10 corporate boxes were built at Firoz Shah Kotla Stadium
  • They were given to Jaitley’s favourite corporate houses
  • No MCD permission were obtained, Nobody has a clue how much were these boxes sold to corporate houses
  • Jaitley handpicked selectors of his choice. They will select players belonging to rich known to Jaitley and his friends
  • Corruption has been institutionalised by Jaitley, Undue favours including some that I can’t pronounce here, were sought in exchange of ensuring selection for cricketers.
  • Jaitley indulged in proxy litigation, prompting lawyer to file a false case and then appointing another lawyer to contest that case
  • This was to siphon off the DDCA money
  • Payments were made by DDCA president Jaitley and secretary without following DDCA financial manual
  • Fraud in invoicing and duplicate payments. Then payment was made to companies, who never provided any work
  • DDCA under Jaitley made payment to companies for work whose payment was already made
  • DDCA made lakhs of payment to company,which had same address, same directors
  • DDCA gave loans of Rs 1.55 crore to three companies, report said it was criminal breach of trust
  • EPIL, a public sector company was paid just Rs 57 crore, where did the remaining Rs 57 crore go
  • Chetan Sanghi, submitted report against Jaitley in November, Delhi police filed FIR against him in Dec
  • Jaitley must come clean on his relationship with DDCA’s treasurer Narendra Batra


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