AAP clears over 20 tickets for Punjab and Goa


The Political Affairs Committee, the top decision making body of the AAP, today cleared nearly two dozen tickets for Assembly polls in Punjab and Goa, both the states go to polls next year.

The party sources said the third list of candidates for Punjab will be released soon.

The party has already released two lists of candidates in Punjab and one list of four candidates in Goa.

The on-going debate on surgical strikes also came for discussion in the PAC where the top leadership condemned the “politics” over the issue as the party “reassured its support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a sensitive matter like the national security”.

“The BJP is politicising the issue, especially by engaging in poster campaigns post the surgical strikes and we condemn that,” a senior party leader said, referring to several posters that have come up across the country congratulating Modi.

In a video message, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had “saluted” Prime Minister over surgical strikes and urged him to “unmask” Pakistan’s propaganda.

The BJP had yesterday said his remarks amounted to “seeking proof” of the army action while the AAP hit back saying their rival party was playing politics.

AAP leader Sanjay Singh, who is also a member of the PAC, said in his video Kejriwal had never asked for “proof”, but only asked the government to counter the false propaganda of Pakistan.

“We salute the Prime Minister and we stand by him for whatever steps he takes to counter Pakistan,” Singh said.

A decision was also taken to mobilise volunteers to help villagers who have been shifted from borders areas due to the on-going tension between India and Pakistan.


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