A 26-year old fashion designer jumps to death in Bangalore after planning online for 48 hours!


Isha Handa, a fashion designer and wellness-consultant, who hails from Mumbai but was living in Bangalore for past three years, jumped from the 13th floor of a Bangalore building and committed suicide.

Bengaluru police though first suspected a foul play but after searching her smartphone and studying her forensic details, concluded that she had deliberately ended her life.

The reason behind her suicide is still not clear but her smartphone’s ‘search history’ shows that she had been planning her suicide for past 48 hours. As per the reports, Isha browsed around 89 websites to find the “best method” on “how to commit suicide”.

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Isha also searched the “best localities” and “tall buildings in Bangalore” to jump from and then she finally chose Sobha Classic Apartments in HSR Layout.

A taxi driver who took Isha to Sobha classic presented the cab bill to the police. The bill stated that Isha hailed a taxi and went around Sarjapur Road and Haralur Road looking for tall apartment buildings before finalising on the 13-storeyed Sobha Classic, which had no CCTV in its premises.

The ‘Google search’ on her phone shows she tried to experiment with various methods like jumping in front of a moving train, consuming poison, overdosing on sleeping pills, hanging by a rope, drowning, electrocution, asphyxiation, and jumping off a building.

A senior police officer, investigating her case said, “Having found almost 250 grams of marijuana and some white pills in her bag, we have not ruled out the possibility of her having consumed drugs before committing suicide. It is not easy for someone in a normal state of mind to just jump off a building and end their lives. We suspect her state of mind was altered by drugs.” Moreover, a rope for hanging probably was also found in her bag.

Isha Handa

The DCP (Southeast) Rohini Katoch-Sepat said, “She lived in Diamond district on old airport road in Domlur with two of her friends. We are talking to about 250 families who live at Sobha Classic. So far, no one from there seems to know Isha. We don’t know if and who she was visiting at the apartment.”

Isha’s flatmates said that before leaving, she informed them that she is going on a personal work which would take a long time to return.

Rajani Sethi Handa, the victims’ mother, who runs a pathology lab in Mumbai named after her single child said, “She was a meritorious student, was in the NCC and won the President’s medal. She was brave, bold and daring. This doesn’t make sense.”
As a result of the jump, her body was shattered to pieces. Police said that the doctors who conducted her autopsy had a tough time in collecting all the pieces together.
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Police is going through the victim’s diary, her WhatsApp messages and call records for more information. According to reports, a few days ago, one of Isha’s friends had accused Isha for being over-friendly with her boyfriend and warned her to stay away from him.

The love-affair angle is also being probed. Isha was close to her boyfriend, Anubhav, who is a native of Bhubaneshwar and owns a start-up, Qyk.




Pictures: Isha Handa’s Facebook account.


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