92% approve AAP stand on Gamlin row: Online Poll


The biggest ever online poll conducted by Janta Ka Reporter has revealed that more than 2/3rd majority of the people who took part in our online poll, said that AAP had better intentions for Delhi voters in their ongoing tussle with the Centre.  As we close our poll on the Janta Ka Reporter website, we simplify the poll results for you. The poll was created on 22 May 2015 and a total of 1901 votes came in.

We asked you “In the AAP vs BJP battle, who do you think has the best intention for Delhi Voters? AAP or BJP ruled at Centre”


The AAP was leading from the moment we released the poll and then BJP too got a push after this tweet from our Editor-In-Chief, Rifat Jawaid, encouraging BJP supporters/fans to join the poll.


The voting was closed at 9PM (23 May 2015) and a total of 1,901 votes were registered. Out of 1,901 votes, BJP got 149 votes constituting 7.84 percent of total votes while AAP got a whopping 1,752 votes and secured a total percentage of 92.16 percent.


Reacting to the Gamlin row, Constitutional expert Gopal Subramanium also stated that MHA action on the ongoing turf war “may be assailed in a court of law as a fraud on the Constitution”.  The outcome of this poll appeared to chime with the mood of the Delhiites on the street which we captured on Friday. Watch the video to know what Dehiites said.

We will be back with more such interesting polls, till then keep following and share your ideas, suggestions and feedback with Janta Ka Reporter, where your issues will drive our news agenda.


  1. I admire your true journalism. however such tweet of Rifat Jawaid could be ignored. AAP/BJP supported would not necessarily support their party for this poll as well, rather they will vote about their opinion.

  2. first of all there should not be two governments in Delhi when there occurs such a dispute governing delhi is not good for India . I feel delhi govt should confine itself to the decisions taken for the welfare of the Delhites in the interest of NATION. As The safety of centre lies with the central govt. CM of delhi should not act like a king of delhi alienating it from nation. AAP should not meddle with central govt. In the interest of nation there should not be two governments in delhi except central govt. the disputes in the union territory is unfortuanate. the law makers never thought of such disparity will exist in future. HENCE DELHI WILL BE LEFT TO PRESIDENT and RULING PARTY OF DELHI TO DISSOLVED.


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