EXCLUSIVE: 90.4% of IIT Roorkee’s expelled students were from reserved category; decision unfair for all


Being the first to report Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee’s decision to expel 73 students from its roster because their Cumulative Grade Point Average was below 5, Jantakareporter.com has now decided to move ahead with its investigation into this matter.

An IIT Roorkee student has compiled statistics that prove the institution’s new policy of expulsion due to low credits along with expulsion due to CGPA below 5.0 is ‘discriminatory, mathematically unfair and unsustainable’. Although parents of all students are made to sign a declaration at the beginning of the year stating poor performance of their kid could result in their expulsion, the incident in IIT Roorkee is quite surprising.

New grading system
New grading system

The student, in his statistical report, has argued that in the current expulsion at Roorkee, out of the 73 students, 31 were from ST category, 23 from SC category, 4 from PD, 8 from OBC & 7 from general category (90.4% students are from reserved category).

He argued that if the same rule continues in the following years, 42% of the students expelled in the following year might still be from ST category, 31.5% would be from the SC category & remaining from the other categories.

Total Expelled Students 73
ST 31
SC 23
PD 4
General 7

The total input of IIT Roorkee is 992 for a year for B.Tech students and out of these 75 students are STs (as per 7.5 percent quota of central govt). The student argues that considering 31 of the students expelled recently out of 73 are STs, most of the ST and SC students will be expelled by the end of third year. The expulsion process is scheduled to continue every year as per IIT’s new policy.

However, a probable reason for this inequality comes from the reservation policy in the admission process itself.

“The final cut-off marks for JEE Admission in IIT Roorkee 2014 were 160 for General Category, 87 for SC category, 68 for ST category. In such a case how can you expect such students to score 5.0 (Equivalent of 55%). They will be learning in the first year. Why do you take them in and expel at the end of first year?” argues the student.

A similar case had happened in IIT Kharagpur when 20 students were expelled for poor performance in their undergraduate exams. However, all these students were then taken back except in one instance each in IIT Kharagpur and IIT Kanpur.

Although the students of IIT Roorkee had filed a mercy appeal following them being warned of poor performance in their second semester exams, the HRD ministry remained silent since it considers all IITs to be autonomous.

“An executive meeting of the Senate of IIT Roorkee was called on Friday evening at 4 PM. I don’t know what they have decided. The Director(Chairman of the Senate) at any point can call an extra-ordinary meeting of the senate to discuss any issue. The senate will nod its head for whatever the Director & Dean (Academics) says.”

We are not revealing the student’s name for the fear of reprisal from the IIT-R authorities. You too submit your contributions in text or video to ireport@jantakareporter.com



  1. If the reservation system continues.. This is going to happen… and jus think what kinda doctors are getting produc d with the these guidelines…. Are u really want your life in such hands??

  2. This again proves that it is not the lack of resources or any other impediment that stops these students from reserved category from excelling. They just are not capable enough and cannot compete with their general counterparts. Given the same facilities and education on an institute like IIT if they cannot cope with others they should not blame it on the caste system..they and everyone else should simply accept that these people from the reserved category are just not good enough and had it been for this stupid reservation system these people could not have achieved anything on their merit coz they are not even familiar with this word. And stop using the caste card to play victim all the time.

    • You have no sense of history, do you? How about morality? Equality? Biology?

      There is nothing inherent in a human belonging from a certain class or caste, that makes her/him more or less capable. The notion that students from reserved category are “not capable and cannot compete with their general counterparts” is entirely a social construct meant to promulgate social exclusion and prolong oppression.
      Social, economical and cultural backgrounds cast a long shadow on how and individual lives his life.
      We must NOT “simply accept that these people from the reserved category are just not good enough” as you put it, we instead should strive to create a world more equal. This can only happen with greater awareness, sensitization and understanding of the problems and constraints of the oppressed and devising (and implementing) more inclusive policies.
      The problem is not the Reservation policy, but its misuse. The solution is not doing away with reservation, but instead designing and implementing it better! For there exists rampant persecution of backward classes, to date.
      Just take a look at the recent SECC report.


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    • What has Narendra Modi got to with any of this? Reservation policy has been a part of the Indian system ever since independence. How is he responsible for any of this?
      moreover, did you not read the article? It clearly states that I IT’S are autonomous institutes. The govt. cannot do anything about this.
      please do a little research before making mindless arguements.
      Also that chaiwala is doing more for the country than you will know because you are too consumed in baseless propaganda of spreading false info everywhere.

  4. However, a probable reason for this inequality comes from the reservation policy in the admission process itself.

    “The final cut-off marks for JEE Admission in IIT Roorkee 2014 were 160 for General Category, 87 for SC category, 68 for ST category. Expected scorefor NOT GETTING EXPELLED IS 5.0 (Equivalent of 55%), so what isthe problem, in the first place these students were given IIT seats based on their caste not on their merits,and when they fail to establish even the minimumrequired standards they were expelled!!!, wish every institution had silimar standards, weed out incompetent people,nation will prosper.

    • You want minimum passing marks to be 20 out of 100 for Reserved category Mr. Janta Ka Reporter……? They were expelled for not scoring 5.0….. they were not expelled for not scoring 7.0 or 8.0….. If General Merit students can score 7 pointers, what is wrong with reserved category……. Syllabus, academia and all other things are same……. You will not get respect unless you respect yourself…. Study and score is the only way to get Respect……

      Please don’t spoil the culture of IIT expulsion……. Leave the administration to the IIT…. you do your job…..

    • reserve category need relaxation due to atmosphere in which they grow,they are shy,not able to express although they knew everything.are better administrator.If intercaste marriage between general and reserve done new breed would eliminate difference in society.

      • I would like to bring a very important question of the actual background of the students expelled. Just because you are from reserved category does not imply that student hail from not good background. Also there also so many students you belong to same class of IIT who over came all difficulties to pass. We talk about being unfair, it will unfair for all the other students and will propagate indiscipline. Stop sympathizing with students and because they actually failed because they didn’t study hard enough. Criticizing the system is very easy to hide your weakness.:

    • yes why not. IITs have produced so many Nobel laureates and field medalist so far from the super intelligent general category students. All the new innovation in the filed of information technology is also done by IIT students and they have created Google and Facebook. When the IITians created Google and Facebook they hired Larry Page and Mark Zucerburg to work for them. They are so smart that NASA was founded by the IITians and first man on the moon was sent by the rocket designed by the IIT.

  5. Well done IIT-Roorkee…. This happens when politics give unreasonably pathetic favours to reserved catagory students… They r not worth of a seat in highly specialised education…. What can u expect from poor merit students who r having special reservation since school days… They r just waste of seats every year….

  6. IIT – considered top notch institute for autonomous students and a competitive exam to be cleared
    So why do students who are good at studies require reservation category.
    Enough of this reservation category.
    Time to remove this reservation only for competitive exams and if govt wants to help the reserved category, pay their fees and let equality prevail in getting or earning knowledge.

  7. If IIT claims to be a scientific institute then it should have a well designed policy to ensure that all students who get admission with inadequate background are given supplementary math etc. courses to plug the gaps. It appears that IIT Roorkee is not serious about affirmative action. It is clearly a systemic deficiency in the concerned IIT.

    • So why don’t we put 100% marks every year, and hope they get better mark themselves at end of year 3? I mean, reservations are for social justice right – the forward castes(!) have suppressed them for centuries, let us oppress and revenge on them!

  8. It is a sheer discrimination against Dalits/Adivasis/PH and OBCs. Their intention is to expel them, thats it. Diversity should have been welcomed. Reservation is nothing but a representation and it should be welcomed by all. Centuries old discriminatory practices are still prevalent in new form. What has happened in IIT Roorkee is the new form. Not any special community on the whole globe can claim over merit and so is with the brahmins and other so called upper castes. Socially excluded communities were never given chances to feel dignified as if this country is not for them and they are the by-default second/third class citizen of India! Why?

    In the british time reservation was first started for indians where no one from socially excluded communities was present. All were brahmins. All were failed. Then they went to britishers and ask for grace and thus the funda of 33% as pass marks was coined. We all should do our self audit as to how much we are discriminatory in our thoughts and actions towards these communities!

    Doctors who forgot towels, scissors etc in the stomach of patient while operation, all were upper caste. If the same would have happened from these communities doctor then all would have come to do merit-policing over them. Where are we? Aren’t we shameless.

    In all the above comments our language has been as if they are just meant to clean india, doing bootpolish work, made roads, bridges sleep with empty stomach, suffer day to day abuses and hell discrimination, and this is justified for us. Wowww! What a education that we have achieved. Proud on us!

    I am a brahmin and I know how much bad we have done to the aboriginals of this nation. Our whole scriptures are full of discrimination against them. We have a brutal history against them. We are rapist of their females and never regret. We don’t deserve to talk about morality even, if we have some ethics.

    If constitution would have implemented well then India would have been a place where all the flowers would have blooming together. But our shit of mind is not going away. That is why we talk such a terribly smelly language/attitude. Shame on us…. and I mean it!

  9. These reserved category people will now know that there is something called hard work without which u r useless….u don’t deserve What u got…please stop this reservation system now…help these people in getting into it rather than just giving off the seat even when they don’t deserve it

  10. Why should they fail quota students? When government gives food or clothing as dole, does it demand that the food should be eaten in a particular way, or dress should be washed at least once a week? Then why this drama when admissions are given as government dole? I demand, from now on reserved students should not require to appear in any exam. They should be automatically handed over the degree certificates and job appointment letters after 4 years. Also all of them must be promoted up to the level of cabinet secretary with out any hindrance.

  11. This is a blatant and glaring example of discrimination and disparity. I applaud the responsible students for bring forth this important piece of information.
    IIT Roorkee should see it to it that a level playing field is created at all levels, and not just at the entry level. This of course will entail some form of affirmative action and positive discrimination.
    Just as freeing a slave off his shackles isn’t liberation in true sense, for the former slave is still shackled by stigma and social exclusion. Similarly students belonging to backward communities, having grown up under various social and economic constraints need more than just a one time push. A systemic and deep rooted problem calls for a sensitive and flexible solution.
    I sincerely hope that the authorities at IIT Roorkee take this into consideration.

    • I agree. Henceforth, only SC/ST/MBC students must be let to study higher degrees from IIT. Other caste students have directly oppressed and participated in suppression of these lower(!) caste students so they must be punished. We should also cap other caste students’ wages, loans, marriageable candidates, housing areas, gas connections, land they can purchase, crossing the streets, buying cars, and also food they eat. They have harassed for centuries, now it is time to give them back the same coin!

      • Sir, If you want to make a counter argument, kindly do so with reason/logic (and not mere sarcasm). A grotesque extension of my comment does not serve as a viable argument.

  12. Make the grading so tough that reserved students don’t pass. If some of them secure high prestige Jo , slowdown their promotion. Even if they reach top,IRS,send them to chad cher,Congo like country while brahmins to Europe . yes better to leave the country or convert so that the contractors of Hinduism suffer.

  13. Being an ex-IITian (1970), it pains me to see that a 6.1% candidate gets admission, while the one with 24% is denied because of our country’s worst parasite “Reservation’, which has nothing to do with upliftment but PURE VOTE POLITICS of our corrupt politicians. Now when such 6.1% candidates are expelled for obvious n JUST ACADEMIC reasons, people again create politics of reservations.

  14. this is for all those so call general category who r against reservation…so floks let me tell u that reservation is not a criteria to comment on someone ability, expelling the students from the IIT is apperciable decision…n some so called upper caste ppl who r afraid of the ability of reserved class ppl r trying to prove that reservation. is bla bla bla….to politisized the whole matter but any way ppl keep trying…best of luck…may ur so called gods help u..!!
    a student of reserved category from a National law university….!! 😉

  15. I am myself a IIT student and the data provided is base less this is not even the criterion for grading and cgpa 5 means < 38% at max. and it is not like there is only one course .there are courses in which average is taken to be at 8 means if a student have X bar marks he would be given a 8 . It is nearlly impossible that even atleast you have attended all the lectures and be regular in labs you anyway would score less then 5. It could only due to complete negligence of academics .

  16. @Janta ka reporter: First of all the expulsion is on the basis of MERIT ,Secondly Where did IIT R mentioned Caste based expulsion and lastly if you find conspiracy against RESERVED students please also file an RTI and report the Background of the “RESERVED STUDENTS” .
    I would be interested to know the Social/Economic state of these “RESERVED CATEGORY Students”.

  17. Children of those who get admission to colleges on the basis of reservations should be put into general category. That’s the only way this system of reservations is going to end in our country.

  18. thats y bits pilani is best clg .only merit base selection..in bits pilani thr is no fucking basterd “reservation” word at all..proud to b a bitsian

  19. good thinking reserved category is bhikhari and they don’t deserve a shit to get admission and take seats of hardworking general category and they always want free seat with less hard work, if reserved category admissions are removed general category got freedom in india from these bhikharis and these bhikhari should be in front of temple


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