72.88 crore Indians are registered non-workers, largest share among Muslims


Muslims are the most non-workers in India with 67.42 percent of the minority’s population being declared as people with no work.

The new revelation, came on Wednesday from the Office of the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, reported Indian Express.

According to information reported, Muslims’ population in the last census in 2011 was described at 17.22 crore. Of them 11.61 crore population was described as non-workers.


According to the census, people who don’t contribute to the country’s economy are termed as non-workers and they include people with household duties and those working in fields.

India’s total population is 121.02 crore of which 72.89 crore people are non-workers, which is 60.2 percent of India’s total population.
After Muslims, the number of most most unemployment is among Jains (64.47%) followed by Sikhs (63.76%) and Hindus (58.95%), Christians 58.09%), Buddhists(56.85%) and other religions.

The analysts say that there’s a reason for the country to be worried over the numbers because they have experienced constant increase over the years. for example, the number of registered non-workers in 2001 was 62.63 crore. This increased to 72.88 crore, ten years later. With India’s population increasing, the numbers of non-workers are only likely to grow.

(Chart: Indian Express)


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