700-800 cows locked in Uttar Pradesh school, Aligarh district officials attacked while transporting them to shelter


A group of right-wing terrorists attacked the district administration on Wednesday in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh as they transported stray cows to shelters. The cows were locked inside a local school and a health centre after they destroyed crops of local farmers.


News agency ANI quoted a farmer as saying,”The cows are destroying crops. We’ve been demanding cow shelters from govt but no action is being taken.”

Aligarh’s District Magistrate CB Singh said that the administration had received complaints that villagers locked stray cows in the school and a local health centre. He said, “I have directed SDM to visit Gorai. Village heads will be given responsibility to solve the issue. We are in the process of constructing cow shelters in various villages.”

Meanwhile, SSP Aligarh AK Sahni said that the district administration came under attack from a group of people, seemingly right-wing terrorists masquerading as cow vigilantes as they transported the cows to a shelter. “Administration was transporting the stray cows to shelters when few people attacked the vehicles as rumours were spread through WhatsApp that cows were being taken to be slaughtered.2 cases filed in this regard&4 people have been arrested. Further probe on,” Sahni was quoted by ANI.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday had told his administration to make arrangements for ‘proper care of stray cows’ and clear the grazing grounds in different parts of the state from encroachments.

Adityanath, who faced flak from members of civil society for paying more attention to cows than improving governance and law and order in the state, held a meeting with his officials and told them to set up a committee to consider measures for providing better shelter facilities for stray cows. Adityanath even ordered Chief Secretary Anup Chanda Pandey to come up with recommendations on the matter within a week.


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